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New and Improved Twenty Four!

With a brand new cover and internal design. Twenty Four now includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Twenty Four can be used in small groups or in mentoring situations.

Twenty-Four’ takes a day in the life of an ordinary person and shows how every aspect can be part of worship.’Twenty-Four’ is designed for Christians everywhere to gain an exciting new perspective on all parts of their lives. It works through a normal day: getting up, commuting, working, shopping, cooking, family, fun, exercise and sleeping. Each chapter is filled with illustrations from modern culture and the biblical viewpoint on each area is considered.Through Krish Kandiah’s thoughtful and original teaching we see how to serve and worship our amazing God in each of these.

‘Krish is both a personal friend and inspiring author whose passion for people to know and love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength is writ large on the pages of this engaging book.’
Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

Read Ian Coffey’s review in Christianity Magazine.

In this book I am trying to help Christians think more holistically about holiness. By offering a view of spirituallity that encompasses the whole of life. By working through what the average person does in a day, we look at waking up, commuting, working, shopping, sport, leisure, family time and sleep. This book offers a user friendly approach to a practical and biblical theological way of engaging with each of these areas. Offering suggestions of how to actually love God in the whole of life. I pray this book will be a blessing to many. Here is a very silly homevideo i made to try and explain what the book is about.

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  1. John Hebblethwaite says:

    HI Krish. Would love to look at the homevideo about twenty four but not having any success getting in to it. Do I need to subscribe to the blog?



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