Tim Keller, Women and Ignoring your own rules
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 01-03-2013
Just in case it needs reiterating- the views represented on my blog and in this post are my own - I am not speaking on behalf of any organisation that I work for. Why Is TGC Complementarian? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.   If you know me a little or if you have read this blog before you know I love Tim Keller. He is one of my favourite authors and preachers. His gracious tone makes him one of a very small number of people I know of who…
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Tim Keller and Gospel Graciousness
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 12-31-2012
I have enjoyed reading Tim Keller's Center Church recently. I will publish a full review shortly. In the meantime I have always been struck by the gracious manner that Keller conducts himself. As a conservative evangelical he shares a lot of core beliefs with people like Mark Driscoll and John Piper, but the way he engages with those he disagrees with is often very different. Some of it will be due to temparement and personality i am sure, but towards the end of Center Church. Keller relates 4 guiding principles…
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Friendly Fire
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 04-05-2012
Captain Lisa Jade Head, of the 11th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment was killed after a bomb she was trying to defuse in Helmand Province of Afghanistan exploded giving her catastrophic injuries. Its another story of a tragic loss of life in an ongoing conflict that has seen many thousands of Afghan innocent civilians lose their lives. A young woman’s life was snuffed out as she tried to keep the roads safe for supplies and people to pass through. All lives lost in conflict are hard to deal with, But when…
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Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 06-28-2010
It was a hot day and I was running late and I was lost. Not a great combination. In a sweaty, stressed and rather disjointed way I managed to ask a security guard for directions. His reply was less than helpful: “sorry mate, you can’t get there from here”. Perhaps it was when he saw the colour drain from my face, or my jaw drop that he realized the incongruity of his remark. The security guard went on to tell me that if I could just relocate myself to the…
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