Lounge Concert

Just had an amazing evening, opening up our house as a lounge concert venue. We invited all of our neighbours to come and enjoy some live music from the hugely talented Miriam Jones. We had 30 people crammed into the lounge, but the intimate setting made the event really memorable. There aren’t that many events […]


I have just recorded five 2 minute reflections on discipleship. They are based on our book Dysciples: Why I fall asleep when I pray and 12 other discipleship dysfunctions. This has been our best selling book to date and is now in its third reprinting. Jeff Lucas said: “At last!A book about discipleship that didn’t […]

Surburban Hymns

Just spent a wonderful week in La Vendee France at La Pas Opton the Spring Harvest Holiday venue. We spent the mornings looking at the Psalms together Psalm 1 – Walking with God Psalm 2 – Singing with Christ Psalm 51- Dealing with Guilt Psalm 73 – Wrestling with Doubt Psalm 103 – Fighting with […]