Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 05-17-2013
As part of the ongoing "confidence in the gospel" initiative. I am pleased to be able to share with you an excellent talk from the inimitable Christina Baxter (former principal of St John's Nottingham). I am a big fan of Christina's she has a gravitas about her and a dignity that comes across whenever she is speaking. So prepare to have your minds stretched in this short 12 min talk engaging with the magesterial thinker Karl Barth and what he has to teach us about communicating the gospel in today's…
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Tim Keller, Women and Ignoring your own rules
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 01-03-2013
Just in case it needs reiterating- the views represented on my blog and in this post are my own - I am not speaking on behalf of any organisation that I work for. Why Is TGC Complementarian? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.   If you know me a little or if you have read this blog before you know I love Tim Keller. He is one of my favourite authors and preachers. His gracious tone makes him one of a very small number of people I know of who…
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Green means Go!
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 12-05-2012
Michael Green is a living legend. He breaks the stereotype that an evangelist has to be a pragmatist or that theologians dont care about mission. I have been enjoying Michael's work since I was a student. I have found his expository approach to evangelism absolutely central to my preaching. But now well into this eighties Michael is still as passionate and vigorous for the gospel as ever. Michael gave the first talk at our recent confidence in the gospel event and was outstanding. Give 18 minutes of your time to…
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The Missing Trinity in Evangelism
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 12-04-2012
We had our first confidence in the gospel consultation at St Paul's Onslow Square on November 20th. It was an excellent day with a broad range of speakers and participants coming together to talk about the gospel. Some of my friends think getting together to talk about the gospel is a waste of time - we should just be out there doing the gospel in words and actions rather than sitting in a room talking about it. I share some of their activist spirit, but sometimes it is important to…
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A relevant gospel
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 11-30-2012
  We had an excellent time at the first "Confidence in the Gospel" National Consultation. We looked at the issues around "A faithful gospel" and talking about how we make sure that the gospel we proclaim sticks closely to the Apostolic gospel. Watch this space for some excellent videos that were made on the day. But we are already pulling together the details for the next event which will look at the issue of "Contextualisation." How can we make sure the never changing gospel is communicated in our ever changing…
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Theology of Mission
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 11-12-2012
I was honoured to spend time with the St Miletus students today as they have their first day of lectures at their brand new St Jude's site. I was lecturing on an "An Introduction to a Theology of Mission." I have uploaded my slides for the students: (they might not make a lot of sense if you weren't there as I am firm believer in the interactive teaching method.) If you want to find out more about the gospel I was talking about see here. St melitus from Krish Kandiah…
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An Explicit or Expired Gospel you decide…
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 05-02-2012
[caption id="attachment_4535" align="aligncenter" width="572" caption="these guys take book marketing to another level"][/caption]   You have got to be careful how you search for Matt Chandler’s new book “The Explicit Gospel.” It’s an interesting choice of titles. It has a commendation from Mark Driscoll whose most recent book could certainly have used the term explicit in the title as it had a lot to say about sexual positions for married couples. Chandler’s book has the most racy name but attempts to make the gospel clear. Why does this book matter? The…
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It takes a whole church…
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 02-18-2012
We still have a huge problem in the church seeing young people grow up to become adult members of our churches. This month in Christianity Magazine, Youthworker and IDEA magazine we have opened up a discussion about what needs to change in order for young people to be discipled into adult believers. The headline statistic is that: 1523 out of 2228 passengers and crew were drowned during the sinking of the Titanic - a loss of 68%. But according to Peter Brierley's research of every class of 10 nought to…
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Tim Keller in Oxford
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 02-08-2012
Tim Keller is visiting the UK at the moment, leading a mission at Oxford University. Its an exciting time. One of the guys that I am mentoring sent me the following report: ‘The mission is fantastic thank you, 500 at Lunchtimes and 750 in the evenings – thinking it is going to get bigger as well.’ And also after I said we’d pray for him ‘Please do, the more prayer the better. We are starting to see some angry pushback from people who don’t like it, but that’s cool. The…
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3 ways to rethink Student Discipleship
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 01-19-2012
A student ministry leader asked me recently for my advice about follow up from a university mission. So here are my thoughts, as usual very open to your suggestions and ideas. The more I think about this subject the more urgent that we get this right not just for the new Christians but for everyone. We are still seeing huge losses in terms of 20-30s from the church and some would argue student ministry needs to take seriously its responsibility not just to help students do evangelism at university but…
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