5 questions every Christian has to face about Creation
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 07-15-2016
He didn't even blink. But in a small coffee shop half way around the world, the missionary bluntly told me that those who believed in the six literal days of Creation tended to be more godly than those who didn't. Unusually for me, I was lost for words. I have many friends with differing views on how much water to use in baptism, whether wives should work or stay at home, and even on the existence of hell. But despite the debates and disagreements, nobody had ever before suggested that…
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Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 03-17-2012
  So many young people are like Kay Morgan Gurr's brother who said " I can believe in God, I can't believe in the Church." How we behave today as churches will significantly impact not just the children concerned but a whole generation that follows. Kay's brother had a toxic experience of church and it lives with 40 years later. If we de-church our young people now - we are seeing less of them come back to church later in life even when they have children of their own. The…
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God and Genocide
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 04-19-2011
Just returned from a really encouraging couple of weeks at Spring Harvest where we were looking at the: authority, inspiration, clarity, genres, process of interpretation of the Bible under the title Route66. I wrote the theme book for the event called: Route66: a crash course in navigating life with the Bible. As part of the event I gave an hour long lecture on the challenging subject of Genocide in the Old Testament. I promised my notes would be made available after the event so here they are. Happy to receive…
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