Tim Keller, Women and Ignoring your own rules
Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 01-03-2013
Just in case it needs reiterating- the views represented on my blog and in this post are my own - I am not speaking on behalf of any organisation that I work for. Why Is TGC Complementarian? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.   If you know me a little or if you have read this blog before you know I love Tim Keller. He is one of my favourite authors and preachers. His gracious tone makes him one of a very small number of people I know of who…
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Posted By : Date : Krish Kandiah | 03-08-2012
Like millions of people around the world yesterday I was gripped by the powerful and compelling video STOP KONY 2012. It is posted here below: It's 30 minutes long and it is worth taking the time to watch.I have shown it to everyone I can - including my children. I retweeted the link to my friends on twitter. Positives: 1. Powerful film making - Jason Russel has put together a master piece. Through compelling story telling he makes some undeniably powerful claims about the value of evert life, the injustice…
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