5 reasons why Richard Dawkins should know better
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 03-05-2014
A friend of mine pointed out to me a photo circulating Facebook posted by the Richard Dawkins Foundation. But this is a low blow from Richard Dawkins and here are five reasons why he (and his foundation) should know better. 1. Richard Dawkins is a very clever man. You don't get to do groundbreaking research in evolutionary genetics without a lot of sense. Dawkins should know the difference between a good argument that is backed up by evidence and simplistic conjecturing that is not based on good research. So the…
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God and Genocide
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 04-19-2011
Just returned from a really encouraging couple of weeks at Spring Harvest where we were looking at the: authority, inspiration, clarity, genres, process of interpretation of the Bible under the title Route66. I wrote the theme book for the event called: Route66: a crash course in navigating life with the Bible. As part of the event I gave an hour long lecture on the challenging subject of Genocide in the Old Testament. I promised my notes would be made available after the event so here they are. Happy to receive…
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Experimenting with lunch bars
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 03-02-2011
[caption id="attachment_3032" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="The God Delusion?"][/caption] Good times at the Reading University Mission, day 2. Today I have been thinking about new angles on some familiar apologetics issues. The lunch bars were fuller today which was really encouraging.   [caption id="attachment_3033" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Is God a delusion?"][/caption] Is God a Delusion? The Reading guys tried out some ideas they have used at the Reading festival. Putting up a question on a board and encouraging students to put up post-it notes as their responses. It lead to some interesting conversations…
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Youthwork Conference 2010
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 11-22-2010
Had a wonderful time at the Youthwork conference, really exciting to see 900 youthworkers hungry for input and encouragement and challenge. I gave 4 seminars working with some amazing people. SURRENDER: FEAR I was working alongside the amazingly creative Patrick Regan, CEO of XLP which is a Peckham based charity working with excluded children and young people in London. Patrick shared about some incredible mentoring projects he is running and the opportunity he has had to inform government policy on tackling gang culture. My brief was to talk about the…
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