3 dangers in Interpreting 1 Timothy 2
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-23-2014
3 dangers with interpreting this passage As a young Christian, I became convinced of a complementarian position when it came to women in leadership. In any argument 1 Timothy 2:11-12 was my trump card. It was so clear that anyone who disagreed was clearly denying the authority of scripture and was driven by a culture-pleasing and ultimately liberal agenda. Though I respect my many friends who hold a complementarian position due to their reading of scripture and their conscience I have changed my mind. I am not alone in this…
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Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 12-30-2013
I always find New Year an excellent time for a bit of an audit of my life. It's is a double milestone for me, as I have a birthday on 31st December (birthdays are always another great time for life audits). Rather than set New Year's resolutions I find asking good questions and then trying to reorientate my life works for me. Here are 5 questions I am asking myself to prepare for 2014 I thought they might be worth sharing. Take a look and see if there are any…
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Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 07-06-2013
What a privilege to spend time with Tom Wright and get to talk about evangelism, mission and contextualisation. Everything he says here is off the cuff which is a measure of the breadth of his learning and his communication skills. Tom shows us what we can learn from both Jesus and the Apostle Paul's approach to faithful relevance. I deliberately asked Tom what he though of the idea that Tim Keller shared here - that contextualisation is just shuffling around the 10 different points of the gospel that you need…
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Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 04-13-2013
  I really like LOGOS Bible software. As someone who is on the road a lot - being able to carry hundreds of Bible commentaries with me is very useful as a lot of my prep work gets done on trains, in coffee shops and airports. I love the fact that I can use most of the resources really effectively on my smartphone (ok I used to use my Ipad a lot for it - but that's another story). So I was really excited that LOGOS have created another set…
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Funded PhD Opportunity
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 05-12-2012
Just been told about this amazing opportunity for the right person. A fully funded PhD is hard to come by - and this partnership with Bible Society could be really interesting. Check it out: Newman PhD Studentship in the Use of the Bible in Schools Newman University College Birmingham, in conjunction with the Bible Society, is offering a full fees PhD Studentship from 1st October 2012 (or as soon as possible thereafter). The studentship is open to UK and EU applicants, and is available on either a part time or…
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If on a winter’s night…
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 10-29-2011
Just spent a great evening wondering through the woods near my home with my children following a lantern trail, encountering wild animals, story tellers and hospitality. The event was put on by my local conservation society in co-operation with the christian charity Arocha. [caption id="attachment_3654" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="CSI meets Conservation"][/caption]   It was a beautiful night, cool and crisp and there must have been hundreds of tiny lanterns lighting our way through the woodlands. There were plenty of giggles coming from my children and the hundreds of others that visited…
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Osama, Twitter and the Battle for the Bible
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 05-08-2011
The Twiterverse was ringing this week with the news of Osama bin Laden's death and I am interested to see how the Bible was used by Christians to explain what was going on . In 140 characters Christians tried to summarise what they felt about the event. Some used the Bible as support, I am giving a lecture next week on what social media is doing to our faith and one area I am intrigued by is what Twitter is doing to our Bible. Perhaps you are familiar with the…
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Children and the Bible
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-07-2011
Giving Children a Passion for the Bible: Children's Ministry Conference These are the slides from my talk at the Children's Ministry conference. Check out the review of Children's Bible resources here. Here's a talk i gave on a similar subject at London Institute for Contemporary Christianity... just click below it looks invisible so have a liitle look for it...
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What’s in the Bible
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 11-25-2010
Biblefresh is all about helping the church regain confidence and appetite for the Bible. Today I received in the post review copies of the much anticipated new project from Phil Vischer the creator of the hugely successful Vegetales animations. Before I had a chance to even load them into my DVD player my pastor has commandeered two of the discs, so I only have the first disc to give an immediate reaction too. We're going to trial the DVDs in our Sunday School so will keep you posted on how…
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Jim Wallis Dysciple?
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 11-23-2010
Really enjoyed interviewing Jim Wallis for www.biblefresh.com and www.eauk.org/slipstream - you will be able to hear the interview very soon. But in case you missed Jim on Radio 4's today programme - click here. I asked him about the impact the Bible had had on his journey into political advocacy, about how effective Twitter is for social change and also how "a family calendar and a family budget are moral documents." He very kindly accepted to take a look at my book Dysciples too. "Hope is believing in spite of…
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