We think reading great christian books is vital for spiritual growth. 
So we asked Christian leaders which books changed their lives to inspire you to invest in books that will nourish your faith.

Professor NT Wright reveals the three books that changed his life

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Christy Wimber from the vineyard movement explains why reading is essential to leadership

Pete Greig founder of the 24/7 prayer movemen reveals the books that shaped his faith

Andy Crouch speaks to Krish Kandiah about his book "God is Stranger"

Grammy Winning Worship Song Writer Matt Redman explains how to start reading

Rob Parsons founder of "Care for the Family" on the power of the books

Justin Brierley from the Unbelievable Podcast on the best apologetics books to read

Best selling author Adrian Plass on the books that shaped his life and writing

sarah & Sam hargreaves from "engage worship" share their top three books for worship leaders