The Prestige

By some strange quirk the excellent AMAZON DVD service has sent me both “The Prestige” and “The Illusionist” in the same week. It does seem strange that movie producers bring out essentially the same films out at the same time. Do you remember when it was “Deep Impact” and “Armagedon” in the same Summer. Or […]


I was looking forward to watching this Danny Boyle directed movie for a while. It had some really good reviews. But the more i watched the more this film felt like we’d been here before. 1. Alien – the long boring journey through space with nothing much to do and lots of infighting – ominous […]

Evan Almighty

This film features the newsman from Bruce Almighty (played by Steve Carrell). It is a sequel but doesn’t link in any way to the previous movie. Except for the fact that God is played again by Morgan Freeman. Things to enjoy about the movie: 1. God’s love for humanity is highlighted. Frequently God says: “Everything […]


This film had such a good cast. Peter Falk, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Cage. It is based on a short story by Philip K Dick – the brains behind some of the all time great Science Fiction movies:Blade Runner, Total Recall. But this film is pretty useless. It reminded me of the old joke: Patient: […]