We wrote this book because God has called his church to play our part in demonstrating love to the most vulnerable children in our communities. The book is aimed to help the whole church to play its part to provide love and compassion for children in need. It explains why this is so central to the character of God and therefore should be central to the calling of the church. The book is aimed at anyone who wants to make a difference to vulnerable children and shows how the whole culture of the church needs to change in order to make this a reality.


‘Challenging, thought-provoking, biblical, moving, full of hope and inspiration.’

Rob Parsons, Chairman and CEO of Care for the Family

Contents of the book

Introduction: What do you care?!
1 Why something must be done and why we must do something
2 Why kids end up in care and where kids in care end up
3 Why vulnerable people are best placed to help vulnerable children
4 Why children need homes, not children’s homes
5 Why relieving suffering means receiving suffering
6 Why caring about worship means worship by caring
7 Why we are called to hold on and let go
8 Why adopting a Jesus model affects why we adopt
9 Why we hope to turn fear into hope
10 Why hard to place children can find a home for good
11 What Next?



This book about Jesus contains 6 weeks worth of daily reading material (weekends are off) which aim to help your congregation grow in Christlike Character, by exploring what it means to BE like Jesus, and SAY it like Jesus and Do life like Jesus.

You want to be just like Jesus, because this is the way he made you. Like clay awaits a potter. Like canvas awaits a painter. Our lives long to be shaped by Jesus.

But – to be blunt –

You are not the Son of God and Saviour of the world
You can’t walk on water or heal leprosy
You don’t want to give up your home and job, or get killed for your beliefs

Because God made you to be like Jesus, there truly is hope. Christlike habits, attitudes, passions, disciplines, role-models, visual aids and real-life examples are offered in Scripture and explored in this book. As you discover and develop these, you will find that your life really does connect with Jesus.

“Reading certain books is like sitting in a long, slow traffic jam: you know you’ll reach your destination in the end, but boy does it take time to get there! Reading Krish Kandiah is like cruising a country lane in a sports car, with the top down: it’s entertaining; fast-paced and enjoyable. Never boring, always useful, this is a thrilling exploration of an exciting challenge – to BE, SAY and DO life the Jesus way.”

Gerrard Kelly, Director: Bless Network


destiny krish kandiah

Have you ever dared to stop and answer the big questions of life?

Destiny invites you to look at six questions we all need to answer.

1. Who shall I be?
2. What am I supposed to be doing?
3. Why am I so mixed up?
4. What on earth is going on?
5. Which way should I go?
6. Where is my life going?

The book explores the Christian faith and its answers to these important questions. By taking a look at the grand sweep of the Bible story from the beginning of the universe to its final destination. In user friendly language and with illustrations from the film, television, popular music and every day life the book is an ideal first step to explore the Christian faith.

“An exhilarating journey though life’s deep questions and into a larger story than we could have every imagined.”
Ravi Zacharias

“This wonderful book provides us with a deeply creative look at some of life’s big questions.”
Gavin Calver, British Youth for Christ

pic_full_elam_jason“A thought-provoking glimpse at the Christian worldview and what it means to keep our minds and hearts focussed on the bigger picture. Highly recommended.”
Jason Elam, Denver Broncos

“The perfect book for all those trying to make sense of life. Fast-paced and witty, packed with great stories and cultural insights.”
Russell Rook, Director ALOVE

In this book I am trying to present a more holistic approach to the gospel. It is essentially an evangelistic book aimed at 18-30ish year olds. But I hope it offers a model of how to present the gospel using both the grand sweep of the Bible’s storyline and a larger view of the nature of salvation than normal. Borrowing from Lesslie Newbigin and Francis Schaeffer the basic premise is to explore the nature of salvation in terms of four relationships – our relationship with God, other people, our environment and ourselves. Ofcourse none of this technical language finds its way into the book, instead it borrows from movies, music and main stream books. Let me know what you think of it.



Twenty-Four’ takes a day in the life of an ordinary person and shows how every aspect can be part of worship.’Twenty-Four’ is designed for Christians everywhere to gain an exciting new perspective on all parts of their lives. It works through a normal day: getting up, commuting, working, shopping, cooking, family, fun, exercise and sleeping. Each chapter is filled with illustrations from modern culture and the biblical viewpoint on each area is considered.Through Krish Kandiah’s thoughtful and original teaching we see how to serve and worship our amazing God in each of these.

Twenty Four includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Twenty Four can be used in small groups or in mentoring situations

RaviZacharias7-11-002headshotweb‘Krish is both a personal friend and inspiring author whose passion for people to know and love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength is writ large on the pages of this engaging book.’
Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

“Christianity Magazine review”
Ian Coffey’s review from Christianity Magazine.

Fans of the cult TV show 24 will get into this book instantly. Jack Bauer, the finest field agent at the Counter Terrorism Unit of the US government is cited on page one. This ultimate hero seems to carry the weight of the world on his not inconsiderable shoulders. Saving the President, killing the bad guys and saving the world is all in a days work. But as Krish Kandiah points out (according to TV land) Bauer has never been to the toilet, gone home to bed, had a meal sitting down or run out of battery power on his mobile phone. Bauer is a full-on 24 hour a day agent. Building on this analogy, the author takes a lightning survey of real life which is far away from a scriptwriter’s world; work, leisure, family, eating, resting, exercising, shopping and (wait for it) fun. He passes these everyday things through the filter of Scripture with the simple aim of helping us discover what a God-centred life looks like.

In a cliché-free zone, the book suggests practical ways that we can discover a more 24/7 approach to discipleship. It is real, stimulating and designed to make you think about the stuff the makes up the daily diet called life.

I have a hunch that Kandiah is going to write a lot more, and if this book is anything to go by, the church will be enriched by some unique insights into truths that don’t have a sell-by date but always benefit from re-packaging.


Short, sharp, easy to read chapters with really useful suggestions.

In this book I am trying to help Christians think more holistically about holiness. By offering a view of spirituallity that encompasses the whole of life. By working through what the average person does in a day, we look at waking up, commuting, working, shopping, sport, leisure, family time and sleep. This book offers a user friendly approach to a practical and biblical theological way of engaging with each of these areas. Offering suggestions of how to actually love God in the whole of life. I pray this book will be a blessing to many. Here is a very silly homevideo i made to try and explain what the book is about.



So you think that becoming a Christian is going to transform you from Average Joe to Superhero? You think you are going to change the world, but you can’t even change your habits. You want to be a prayer warrior, but you just keep falling asleep. You want to go deeper, but hey – you’ve heard it all before. You are disappointed and dissatisfied with yourself, and perhaps even with God.

Hold on.

There is hope.

In this book you will discover a band of superhero Christians just like you. Dysfunctional, yes, down to earth, yes: dysciples handpicked by Jesus to change the world.

Dysciples: Why I fall asleep when I pray and 12 other discipleship dysfunctions. This has been our best selling book to date and is now in its third reprinting.

jeff lucas “At last!A book about discipleship that didn’t make me feel like a battered Robin Reliant in a Bentley dealership. This warm accessible book made me want to go and start a dysfunctional church and then I realised all are… Read and be helped. ”

Jeff Lucas


tom sine“Krish invites us to join him in journeying with Jesus and his friends through the gospel stories. I found myself relishingevery chapter as the author creatively uses anecdotes, humour and his honest struggles to help us more clearly hear the gospel speak into our lives today Krish writes extremely well, extremely well, bringing a very fresh voice to help us understand how to more faithfully follow Jesus in these uncertain times.”

Tom Sine


“A must read for anyone who want to take discipleship seriously”

Andy Frost

Check out an independent review of the book here. What really encouraged us is to hear that some churches are using the book as a teaching curriculum as the book includes both personal questions and small group studies. Here are the chapter headings to give you a flavour of where the book is going:


1.Dissatisfied: Why I feel I am going nowhere
2.Despairing: Why I shout at God
3.Disoriented: Why I won’t step out of my comfort zone
4.Disgruntled: Why I struggle with Jesus’ teaching
5.Dismissive: Why I’ve heard it all before
6.Disconnected: Why I feel such a hypocrite
7.Distant: Why God seems out of reach
8.Disappointed: Why I can’t move mountains
9.Dispensable: Why I want to be the best
10.Disturbed: Why my mind wanders during communion
11.Dispassionate: Why I fall asleep when I pray
12.Disloyal: Why I can’t tell people about Jesus
13.Disqualified: Why I could never be a missionary

Each chapter looks at a discipleship dysfunction based on a passage in Matthew’s gospel and explores the kind of transformation that Jesus can bring.

You can download the 2 minute excerpts which will be on Premier Radio’s “thoughts for the day” all next week by clicking below. There’s also a free excerpt for the book for you to read. Let me know what you think.

Download an excerpt of the book to read
Download “thought for the day 1”
Download “thought for the day 2”
Download “thought for the day 3”
Download “thought for the day 4”



Fresh is a book to help students make the most of their time at university.

A levels check. UCAS form check. Required grade check. Childhood check.
Time to collect together overdraft, laptop,ipod, potplant.
Time to go it alone with cooking, dating, studying.
Time to take faith out of its comfort zone and into Fresher’s week.

FRESH is a new book for new students. It provides daily inspirations for new students covering everything from writing essays to writing home, from making friends to making the grade, from debt to dating. FRESH offers a challenging introduction to maintaining a strong personal Christian faith but keeps its main emphasis on discovering how Christian students can make the most of their faith, relationships and studies.

Here’s what people are saying about it…

“I thought it was a brilliant treatment of the subject and greatly enjoyed reading it.As fresh as its title, this is a brilliant introduction to student life, in accessible, daily bite-size chunks of Christian wisdom.Down to earth and thoroughly realistic, its focus is 100% Biblical and its tone positive and up-beat, full of practical tips and encouragement.

Every Christian student needs to read it!”

David Jackman (Proclamation Trust)

“After years as a student followed by more in ministry to students I am now a parent of one – so, from every angle I can tell you this is a vital book for all Christians going to uni. Buy the coffee mugs and railcard if you like – but whatever you buy, get this book”

Nick Pollard (Damaris Trust)

There’s also a facebook group you might want to check out…


Leaving school and going to university can be a traumatic experience. For some, it is a liberation from the perceived shackles of a restrictive school environment. For others, it is a time when they feel lonely and isolated, missing the easy intimacy of school life and the day-to-day supervision of concerned teachers. For those who have maintained a Christian profession at school, the transition is sometimes even more difficult. There will be strong pressure to compromise or abandon Christian convictions. This may come in the form of ridicule in academic departments or social incentives to “do what everybody else does” regardless of whether or not it is consistent with Christian standards of behaviour.

Students facing this difficult transition may take heart from reading a recently published book by Krish Kandiah. The book is entitled “Fresh” (several puns intended there) and it is published by IVP. Krish writes from experience as one who became a Christian at school and then went on to be President of the Christian Union at Warwick University. He is a highly effective communicator with young people, and much in demand as a leader of university missions, in addition to his day job in a senior post at the Evangelical Alliance.

The book claims to provide “Bite-sized inspiration for new students”. That is exactly what it does, introducing and applying a considerable amount of well-chosen scripture in the process. On page 40, Krish sets out ten tips for students starting out on their university career. As these are then developed through the rest of the book, it may be helpful to quote the passage in full:

1. Pray: A relationship with God will develop only when we spend time with him on a daily basis.
2. Read the Bible: Scripture is spiritual food to nourish our souls. Find time and space in the day to read God’s word.
3. Be accountable: Ask someone you respect to check up on how you are doing.
4. Join a local church: Worship God and be with his family.
5. Connect with the Christian Union: This exists to help Christians support each other and live for Christ while at university.
6. Go public: Let people know that you are a Christian.
7. Integrate: Resist dividing life into the spiritual and the non-spiritual.
8. Integrity: Recognize the pressures of living away from home in a morally challenging environment and decide on some principles regarding alcohol, sex, money and time.
9. Balance: Resist spending all your time in Christian meetings or with your non-Christian friends.
10. Give: Practise giving, even on a small budget,to demonstrate God’s grace and to establish lifelong habits of sacrificial generosity.

That gives a flavour of what is to follow, and the principles are developed in a thought-provoking, attractive, relevant and thoroughly Biblical manner. I recommend this book very warmly to all prospective students: I would urge teachers and chaplains to do all that they can to get copies into the hands of their sixth formers.

Hugh Bradby


What are people saying about the Book?

“Connects the reader to the Bible fresh, motivational and life changing ways”
David Jackman, Founder of the Cornhill Training course

“A great aid to understanding the Bible”
Graeme Goldsworthy, Moore College, Sydney

“Scholarly and sparkling , thoroughly researched an thoroughly readable”
Gerard Kelly , Bless Network, Author and founder of Twitturgies

“Top of my list for what i will be doing with my small group”
Ruth Valerio, author and Director of A Rocha’s Living Lightly

“Excites and stimulates the reader to delve wider and deeper within the Bible,”
Mark Meynall, All Souls, Langham Place

“A fantastic resource, packed with great teaching. If you want to understand the Bible better and to fall in love with God more deeply, then this book is a must”
Vicky Beeching, worship leader

“Krish Kandiah’s Route 66 is a brilliant tool for getting people to engage with the whole grand arc of Scripture, but to do so by anchoring its message in real living, whether imaginatively, prophetically, infectiously etc. It’s no mean feat to gather up the insights of scholars like Goldsworthy, Brueggemann, Fee and Vanhoozer and make them accessible to a new generation of Bible readers. And all the while, he insists we apply its truths to everyday missional living. A powerful tool. “

Michael Frost, Morling College, Sydney, Author, The Shaping of Things to Come, Exiles, ReJesus

What is Route 66?

Route 66 is book that helps you to discover how the 66 books of the Bible help us to know God and how to live for him. This book is a crash course in enjoying the breadth and depth of the Bible, packed full of practical help.
For many of us, there is a disconnect between the Bible we know we should treasure and the book we struggle to read. On the one hand, we know the Bible is a lamp to our feet, honey on our lips, the sword of the Spirit, and given to equip us for every good work. But sometimes the Bible feels more like a bizarre collection of ancient texts filled with obscure laws, irrelevant genealogies and incomprehensible prophecies with a few nuggets of wisdom, timeless stories and comforting promises mixed in. Using the analogy of a journey, Route 66 unfolds how different passages of the Bible can help us travel through different passages of our life.

There are three ways you can use this book:

1. On your own

If your Bible reading needs some inspiration, then this book provides a user-friendly way to get inspired and skilled up to handle the Bible better. Take your time, aiming to read it over eight weeks. There are forty “travel journal” Bible studies for you to put into practice the lessons you are learning along the way, and also an 8-week Bible-reading challenge for the more adventurous.

2. With your small group

An African proverb says, “If you want to travel fast, travel alone, but if you want to travel far, travel together.” Reading Route 66 will be a lot more beneficial if you read it with others. With stand-alone small-group questions at the end of each section, this book makes an ideal 8-week small-group series. Group members can be encouraged to keep the travel journal or take up the 8-week Bible-reading challenge between meetings.

3. With your church

The Bible is God’s word for all his people, and to have the whole church literally on the same page of the Bible can make for exciting and effective discussions and discipleship. Route 66 contains a variety of ways this can work:

route 66



Free 3 minute Route66 devotionals: from Premier Radio

1. Jesus the Hero of the Bible – finding Jesus in Old Testament Stories
2. Jesus the Singing Saviour – finding Jesus in the Psalms
3. Jesus the wisdom of God – finding Jesus in the Wisdom literature



Antony Billington from LICC

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