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If you would like to book me to speak please fill in the form below and I will do my best to make it. My diary does book up quote a long way in advance so please give as much warning as possible.



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  1. Hi Krish, just wondering if you are going to be doing your Holistic Disciple making course here in England at any time soon.

  2. Hi Krish,

    I heard you speak recently at the SU conference in northhampton. I have just begun a new job as a schools worker as well as a children’s worker. I wondered if you can give me any advice on how to develop all age worship services, is this something you do at your church. The church I work for is currently doing them once a month, however they are not very inclusive. Can you recommend any good books, any tips would be helpful.



  3. One day conference for (multi denominational) Clergy at the Ice House Christian Centre. Expecting say 100 delegates.
    Issues/ideas on stemming decline, inceasing engagement, getting past institutional religious dogma and Church division/competing for congregations.
    Date -preferred Sat 12th July 2014 – possible 5th July.

  4. Hi Krish,

    My name is Ben Cook and I am a youth minister working in Solihull, Birmingham.

    I have been asked by Soul Survivor to lead a seminar on ‘social media’ at this years festivals and I am in the middle of my planning.

    As you know the social media medium is used by the majority of young people and I want my seminar to focus in on how young followers of Jesus should approach their online presence. My seminar will focus in on four areas: Identity, Integrity, Discipleship and Accountability.

    I was wondering if you could record yourself for maybe 30 seconds – 1 minute answering a small question on each of these topics to be shown either after I have spoken on the topic or before it to set the mood and draw on your wide experience.
    Your expertise and wisdom would be greatly appreciated for me and for the young people coming (hopefully!) to my seminar!

    Ben Cook

  5. Hi Krish

    Voices of Christmas….What an incredible event!!!

    I was truly touched by your message. I totally agree about the birth of Jesus not being a cosy thing. We have domesticated it to such extent that we have neutralised its power. The banal monochrome of everyday life must be irrupted by the drama of the nativity for the colourfulness of original creation to come into view. We saw flashes of the rainbow last night!

    I left with real joy in my heart.

    Thank you


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