Krish has written 10 books including the award-winning Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple. Krish writes regularly for magazines, journals and news sites.


Krish launched a new charity bringing creativity into one of society's biggest challenges. He is passionate about helping the most vulnerable in society. He brings a wide range of political, media and global experience to find practical solutions to issues of injustice and inequality.
Krish has lead academic institutions in London and Oxford, he lectures around the world and is in demand as a speaker, consultant and innovator. Krish holds a PhD from Kings College London and has been on faculty at Oxford University.
Krish is the Founding Director of Home for Good, a young charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Together with his wife, Miriam he co-authored a catalytic book “Home for Good” which blends the story of God and addresses challenges of our times.  Krish is in demand as a speaker both nationally and internationally. He regularly speaks at larger conferences, corporate events and is a regular broadcaster on radio and television.

In recent months Krish’s efforts in the escalating refugee crisis have been significant in campaigning through Home for Good for securing homes for 3000 refugee children.

Krish is Honorary Vice President and Chair of the Theological Panel of Tearfund.  He has a passion for engaging with contemporary culture theologically and is a prolific writer/blogger.  Krish has authored 10 books and his latest award winning publication is  ‘Paradoxology’, explores why Christianity was never meant to be simple.

Krish holds degrees in Chemistry, Missiology and Theology. His PhD is from Kings College London and he currently holds faculty positions at George Fox Seminary, Regents College, Vacouver and Regents Park College, Oxford University.


President, London School of Theology, 2014- 2016
- ambassador, strategic leadership and public speaking

Executive Director, Evangelical Alliance, 2007-2014
- vision casting, building coalitions, leading national campaigns

Tutor, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, 2005-2007
- leadership and communication training, lecturing

Senior Leader, Elmfield Church, Harrow, 2000-2005
- strategic leadership, interfaith liaison, creative programme development

BBC Standing Committee for Religion and Ethics, 2011-2014

Positions Currently Held

Founding Director, Home for Good: adoption and fostering charity
Founding Director, Church Response For Refugees,
Executive Producer, Books for Life
Honorary Vice President, Tearfund, 2013-
Chair of Theological Panel, Tearfund, 2013-
Consulting and Contributing Editor,, 2014-
Doctoral Supervisor, George Fox Seminary, Portland Oregon, 2010-
Visiting Lecturer, Regent College, Vancouver, 2008-


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