Andy Crouch interviews Krish about God is Stranger

Krish’s latest book “God is Stranger” challenges the way we understand God and what it means to have intimacy with him. Multi-award winning journalist and author Andy Crouch speaks to Krish Kandiah about  his book. You can purchase God is Stranger from and all good bookstores. The book is published in the US with IVP.

Commendations for the book include:

“My friend Krish Kandiah’s new book is not only needed ‘for such a time as this,’ it’s one that will help reshape some of our thoughts and feelings toward others and allow us to see strangers more with the eyes of God. Many thanks to Krish for this encouraging book!”

Mac Powell, singer and songwriter

“For many years, Christians have felt at home in the world. The result of that way of life was the presumption that we knew what we meant when we said ‘God.’ Drawing on often-ignored passages in the Bible, Kandiah helps us recover how odd the God we worship as Christians turns out to be. It seems God shows up even as a Jewish peasant. Such a God can scare the hell out of us, but I guess that’s the point. So read this book as a challenge to our domesticated imaginations.”

Stanley Hauerwas