Meet the Christian woman who adopted EIGHT children from a Russian orphanage

“The day before his 10th birthday, our son Jonny was run over and killed before our very eyes while we were on a family bike ride with him and our other two children.”

This tragedy turned Susan Hillis’ family upside down. The following day, she says, was the “valley of the shadow of death”.

But Susan’s grief inspired a passion to care for children who had lost their parents. A few months later, she adopted a brother and sister – Alex and Anya – from an orphanage in Russia. Anya soon began to pray for her best friend Katya from the orphanage to find a family like they had, and it became clear to Susan that they were the answer to that prayer, too. When they went to the orphanage to begin the adoption process, it turned out that Katya had two brothers. So Susan adopted them all.

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About the author: Krish Kandiah

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