Melbourne Calling

Melbourne Calling

Dear friends, I am doing a number of international speaking trips in the next few months. Whenever I am travelling I am always keen to make connections with people who have a passion for working with vulnerable children. Last month I had a very helpful meeting in Cape Town with a whole bunch of people from a range of churches and agencies including Message Trust South Africa, Arise Ministries,  Hill Songs and Jubilee church. We met to explore what might be done to engage the church with the the huge fostering and adoption needs across the city. I shared a bit of the Home for Good story not that we might have a franchise in another country but just to see if it might spark a local movement that is appropriate for the South African context. We had a great conversation and I ask for your prayers as a fledgling network develops in Cape Town. Next month I am travelling in Australia with the National Youth Ministry Convention. I am going to be in Brisbane (6th of November) , Perth (8th of November  and Melbourne (10th of November). I will helping to equip youth leaders and workers in equipping young people for Anti-fragile faith by drawing on my book Paradoxology. If you know anyone that would be helped by this do encourage them to book in.



The generous people at NYMC have pulled together a couple of meet ups form in Melbourne. The first is with  theological educators on the Novmber 10th I’ll be sharing a bit about London School of Theology and exploring partnership opportunities as well as picking the brains of my Australian friends on how they see the future of theological education.

In Melbourne and a special lunch to meet ministry leaders with a passion for working with vulnerable children and so we’ll be sharing the Home for Good story and again learning from those that come insights that will help our UK team in our work to find vulnerable children adoptive and foster families.


If you can think of anyone that would like to come to that ( spaces are limited as there is food involved )please drop me an email or Facebook or Twitter message or post a comment below.

Finally on the way home I have some time in Singapore and will be doing some work with OMF there then meeting up with the Home for Good Singapore network. Again if you know someone that should be invited to our gathering let me know. Here are the details.






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