Can you Spare Two Minutes?

Can you Spare Two Minutes?

The Home of Good charity that we have founded is calling the church to reconsider putting adoption and fostering centre stage as part of our calling to serve the world. Our aim is to help the whole church: young and old, married and single to know that we need to respond to the needs of the vulnerable children in our communities who need new families. Sometimes our job as a charity is to shine a light on what is already being done by families in the churches and making sure they get the practical support they need. Sometimes we are challenging congregations to open its eyes to the children in need around them. Sometimes we are calling the Christians to refuse to turn a blind eye while children in our towns and cities suffer.

Help us put adoption on the map by taking part in adoption Sunday. Its very simple thing to get involved with. Here are five things you could do –  any one of which would be a great way to get involved.

1) Two minute  Option

Could your church pray on adoption sunday for more adopters and foster carers?  Simply pray as part of your regular Sunday celebration.

2) Two and half minute Option

Could you show our amazing new Adoption Sunday Video? Just sign up on the Home for Good website and we will send you a link.

3) Five Minute Option

Why not interview someone in your congregation who has adopted, fostered or was fostered or adopted as a child.

4) 15 minute Option

Why not show the new Home for Good video and then do our all age children’s activity in the #AdoptionSunday pack.

5) 30 minute Option

Show the Home for Good video and then use our #AdoptionSunday sermon included in the pack.

Sign up here to get hold of the exciting Free adoption Sunday pack. 

This Sunday I will be in my home town of Brighton and speaking alongside Joel Virgo on Adoption at there three satellite sites of Church of Christ the King.  

Would love to see you there. Click here for details. 

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