The Evacuation Spirit

The Evacuation Spirit

It was the “biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain’s history.” It began on the 31st of August  1939 saw around 3 million people move from the dangers of the cities to rural towns and villages to escape the Nazi bomb attacks.  It was codenamed “Operation Pied Piper. ”  Four days later Britain declared war on Germany and World War Two began. This year marks Operation Pied Piper’s seventy-fifth anniversary.  As they boarded trains travelling out of their home cities, the children did not know if they would ever see their parents again. Yet on reaching the countryside, they were received by families who opened their homes, often at considerable sacrifice. For many from poor inner-city homes, it was their first experience of a healthy, well-nourished life. 13854_s

Three quarters of a century later, we must rediscover the welcoming generosity of Operation Pied Piper. We do not face air raids, but today there are thousands of children who need homes and families. In England alone there are six thousand children waiting for adoption and another eighty-six hundred need foster care. In 1939, even men and women who could scarcely afford it welcomed children – many from difficult backgrounds – into their homes. We need that spirit today. We need women and men who will step forward and put the needs of the vulnerable children in our towns and cities first and look to see if they could be the parents that these children need in their lives.

Borison Johnson, Mayor of London agrees and offered Home for Good the following quotation:

The Second World War saw children in their thousands evacuated from the capital and taken into the care of families around the country. The 75th anniversary of Operation Pied Piper is an opportunity to remember the kindness of those who willingly provided a safe haven for those young Londoners. It should also remind us that thousands of youngsters today, in the capital and across the country, are also in need of a loving home and I urge more people to consider fostering and adoption to help them get the start in life they deserve.
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London​

We also have been gifted this amazing replica poster by graphic designer: Katie Frearson. Of course fostering and adoption is offering more than a spare room to a vulnerable child. This is a replica of an evacuation poster – evacuees needed more than a spare room they needed love and security too. The poster is designed to be a bit provocative – hopefully not offensive – to make people look at their lives and homes and see if there is room for them to show the hospitality that vulnerable children need.Home_For_Good_Poster_A3_2_pdf That’s why we have started up Home for Good. Seeking to help find loving homes for vulnerable children in the UK. Today; 1st of September 2014 marks the first day that Home for Good exists as its own organisation.

I wonder if you might help us commemorate this day and this important anniversary by being one of  75 regular donors to set up a standing order to help us find the finances we need to change the culture in the church and the nation on fostering and adoption

Already we have seen amazing things happening: We have managed to put the message of adoption and fostering face to face to over a hundred thousand people. We saw generous donors help us find the £30 000 start up costs we needed to get going. We saw 200 churches take part in the first ever adoption Sunday last year.  In 2013, churches in Southampton set out to find 40 new foster placements for the City Council. In one year, more than 70 people applied to become foster carers. We are now working with groups of churches and local authorities in towns and cities throughout the UK to run similar campaigns. I have met literally hundreds of Christians who are fostering and adopting children who are grateful for Home for Good’s championing of this opportunity. We are delighted by the response we have seen already.

So will you stand with us as we help every child that needs one to find a Home for Good.  Click here to be part of way we, together can make a difference. 


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