Meltdown on Bake Off
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-28-2014
Anger management lessons from Ian Watters Apparently it wasn’t just the sponge layers on the Tiramisu that involved dodgy cutting last night on the BBC 1. The editing on last night’s now infamous edition of The Great British Bake Off may have unfairly pointed the finger at Dianne Beard (69) for sabotaging the amateur baking competition. The show depicted Dianne taking Iain Water’s ice cream component of his Baked Alaska out of the fridge at a crucial stage in the preparation. It lead to a gloomy mess rather that Ian…
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Not too late for a new theological adventure
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-25-2014
What a Summer it has been. I have just come back from Momentum a massive conference for 20 somethings that takes place in Shepton Mallet . Its the last of the events in the New Wine &  Soul Survivor family of conferences on the site this season. [caption id="attachment_8640" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Packed in for an exposition from Ephesians at LPO.[/caption] It will have been one of the last major events that I speak at as an Evangelical Alliance Director as I have just taken on two new jobs. It gave me…
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The Evacuation Spirit
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-24-2014
It was the "biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain's history." It began on the 31st of August  1939 saw around 3 million people move from the dangers of the cities to rural towns and villages to escape the Nazi bomb attacks.  It was codenamed “Operation Pied Piper. ”  Four days later Britain declared war on Germany and World War Two began. This year marks Operation Pied Piper’s seventy-fifth anniversary.  As they boarded trains travelling out of their home cities, the children did not know if they would…
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3 dangers in Interpreting 1 Timothy 2
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-23-2014
3 dangers with interpreting this passage As a young Christian, I became convinced of a complementarian position when it came to women in leadership. In any argument 1 Timothy 2:11-12 was my trump card. It was so clear that anyone who disagreed was clearly denying the authority of scripture and was driven by a culture-pleasing and ultimately liberal agenda. Though I respect my many friends who hold a complementarian position due to their reading of scripture and their conscience I have changed my mind. I am not alone in this…
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Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-21-2014
Poor old Richard Dawkins. I am thinking about starting a new Twitter campaign #pray4dawkins. He has landed himself in yet another social media storm. But this time I couldn't let it pass. So forgive me if I rant a little... Hot on the heels of comments about date rape and his refusal to back down when challenged on Twitter, he has now offered parenting advice to any that will listen.   Look at the following Twitter exchange: @RichardDawkins @AidanMcCourt I honestly don't know what I would do if I were…
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Learning from women about leadership
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 08-02-2014
I know it’s a little ironic, but I have been asked to lead a seminar about women in leadership. Full disclosure, I am not and never have been a woman. I have decided to take the opportunity and to look for ways that women’s voices can be heard in the seminar. I am also hoping to co-chair the seminar with a woman. I decided to do the seminar because I believe in the conference that asked me to speak - they have a brilliant heart and a wonderful vision and…
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