Make the Most of Father’s Day

Make the Most of Father’s Day

There are so many children waiting in care for a father in their lives.  Some have had to be removed from their parents because of neglect or abuse. Some have never known a father’s love. This father’s day help us to inspire men to step forward to make a difference to vulnerable children lives.

I spend a lot of my time  travelling the UK speaking with churches about the need but also the clear biblical mandate for us to care for the vulnerable in our communities. Every where I go I meet women who are ready to become foster or adoptive parents but sadly their husbands are hesitant or even opposed to the idea. We made this little video and the accompanying service pack to help inspire men to think about this differently.

It would help us to help the vulnerable children in the UK if you can encourage your church to take part in our campaign this Father’s Day. After the fantastic response we had this Mother’s Day we want to help churches to make the most of Father’s Day. There’s a whole suite of  free resources for you to download – just click the link to sign in and get the resources. Then let us know how your church got on with them. Thanks for joining with us; with your help we can make sure that every child that needs one in the UK can find a Home for Good.

You may want to give money to help with the start up costs of the Home for Good new charity – click here to give whatever you can. 


One thought on “Make the Most of Father’s Day

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Krish,
    I hear so many times men say no when their wives would say yes. I guess I was a bit like this but now I have been a carer for nearly three years I would encourage every man who’s wife is keen to do this to take a look and give it a go. It’s not a bad as you can imagine and you will be helping look after some of the most vulnerable on society.

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