5 Reasons to wish Wired Happy Birthday 

5 Reasons to wish Wired Happy Birthday 

I have been a regular subscriber to Wired for a few years now. It’s a fantastic magazine to read. Here’s what I like

  1. Design

In my estimation Wired is at the cutting edge of design, I read the magazine for inspiration on lay out and visual presentation. The quality of the photography and infographics make the magazine a pleasure to read .

  1. Balance

There’s a fantastic balance between meatier – in depth articles (helpfully arranged at the back of the magazine) and lighter easy to digest news, reviews and how to pieces

  1. Depth

Love the fact that Wired gets to talk directly to some of the biggest names in the tech and design world – Tim Berners Lee; Daniel Ek (Spotify CEO)

  1. Breadth

For me Wired has found the sweet spot between tech, design, innovation, engineering and software. It is helping me connect with emerging trends across a wide variety of interesting topics.

  1. Numbers

I am a stat addict – I love the throwaway statistics the editors put in just for fun:

£15, 180 is the average price of a contract killing in Britain.

80% proportion of users Facebook will lose between 2015 and 2017 according to researchers at Princeton University

0 the number of students who will be enrolled by 2021 at Princeton (report by data scientists at Facebook).


So Happy Birthday WIRED for launching and developing an innovative magazine at a time when more and magazines are closing or switching to digital only.


There’s only one thing I would ask…

As I looked over the past 5 years of magazine covers. I noticed that you had 29 featuring men – most of whom were named as they were featured interviews rather than models. For example:

Jamie Oliver, Dennis Crowley, Alan Sugar, Brian Cox, Steve Jobs (twice), Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Jonathan Ive, Jack Dorsey, Richard Branson, Ray Kurzweil, Will.I.A.M, Tim Berners Lee.

Most of the other covers were graphical and only 4 featured a woman most of which were unnamed models there for aesthetic reasons. This really is EXPIRED thinking and for such a cutting edge magazine I believe you can do better. Lets model gender equality and refuse to bow to stereotypes about the role and significance of women.

Thanks for an otherwise excellent magazine.


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