How do you know if you have a problem with social media?

How do you know if you have a problem with social media?

I am running a seminar at Word Alive with the subject:
Digital Discipleship : serving Christ on Social Media. Here’s the blurb for the seminar:

Discover the opportunities that Facebook and Twitter bring for mission and discipleship. Start the conversation early by following @krishk and tweeting a question using #Socialdisciple

As I was preparing the seminar this week, I came across these images of poor old Ella Birchenough from Dover who dropped her Blackberry down a drain and then removed the drain cover and jumped inside to try and retrieve her phone. Sadly she got stuck and the fire brigade had to come and rescue her.  Its a mini parable of our times and that is why the story with its powerful imagery travelled around the world.

ella birchenough.001

We recognise that our digital devices are invaluable to our lives but at what cost? I’m no luddite and see huge opportunities for technology for social and spiritual good, but I recognise that one of my blindspots is knowing when my technology use good be addictive behaviour. I am quite likely to have jumped in after my phone just like Ella did.

So how can you tell if you have a problem with social media ? How can you tell if enough is (birch)enough – if you will excuse the pun.

What say you friends? Suggestions please.

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3 thoughts on “How do you know if you have a problem with social media?

  1. anonymous says:

    As someone who allowed a combination of social media and pornography to be used by the devil to get me to a stage where my ministry and life was/is wrecked I think I can add to this discussion.
    From the age of 13/14 I used social media/chat rooms and yahoo to connect with people and saw no harm in it, until I started to look for people with similar interests in terms of porn etc. I ended up chatting to people and getting more and more into things that wernt healthy for me.
    As an adult and as the internet and social media grew it got even more. On one hand I was serving God in various roles and even sharing sermons etc via social media, on the other hand it was easier to be tempted, and easier to do things “in secret”.
    Even without the porn social media began to rule my life, my phone beeps every few minutes with Facebook or twitter updates, voyeurism is now socially acceptable, and negative relationships are harder to break free from.
    Also it damages healthy relationships as you can stop communicating in normal ways.
    i guess this is enough for now. for my full story have a look at my blog, but have to warn it is blatantly honest.
    finally I have to say used wisely social media, like all technology, can be a great tool for God, but Like everything true accountability is a must! someone you trust should always have the password, you shouldn’t share anything or say anything you wouldn’t want you pastor/wife/God to see/read, and it shouldn’t rule your life.

  2. Richard P says:

    When you find yourself standing in the corner behind the fridge checking twitter and FB, and quickly come out, click phone off & put it down on hearing someone coming. Several times. Oh dear… 😉

  3. Chris Wooff says:

    Well if you google something like “survey internet addiction” then there are any number of tests you can try to see if you have a problem. I have no idea how valid the results really are. Much as I like my iPhone I wouldn’t go looking down a drain for it if it went AWOL!

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