World Downs Syndrome Day

World Downs Syndrome Day

There is a hidden genocide going on. A friend of mine told me she went in for a routine pregnancy check up a couple of months ago and was told by her midwife that she should have the amniocentesis because she would “of course want to abort” if it was her foetus was found to have Down Syndrome. My friend was shocked by this response.

I read recently in the Guardian that in Denmark “95% of all Danish parents to be, decide to have an abortion if they find out that they are about to carry out a baby with Trisomy 21″ the indicator for Downs.  Now I am sure no one makes these kinds of decisions easily, and I am not seeking to bring guilt or shame but I do want to help prospective parents to see things differently.

As a family we had the joy of caring for a little girl with Downs Syndrome for three and a half years as foster parents until she was adopted. We still miss the pleasure of her company, her gentle grace and infectious laughter. Her picture is on our mantle piece and we think about her often.

I encourage you to share this short film as widely as you can. It may change the way we see children with Downs Syndrome. It may help end a genocide.

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hanks to @lizzshaw01 for flagging up this video to me.


3 thoughts on “World Downs Syndrome Day

  1. Lizz says:

    I’m really moved by this blog Krish! The video makes me cry every single time! We have a baby boy with Down’s syndrome and I was interested to read of you fostering a little girl with Down’s. At times I find it really hard but he’s so worth it. He adores us all especially his 4 year old sister.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. thanks for sharing liz
      good to make contact.
      there must be more we can do to challenge the prevailing culture on this issue

      1. Lizz says:

        There are 3 things I am passionate about: 1. Reaching my community with the Good News of Jesus – I have a vision of a Christian coffee shop with various outreach ideas, & I’m speaking regularly with church elders! 2. Raising positive awareness of Down’s syndrome, sharing our experiences with the world as much as possible – showing people that actually Down’s syndrome is ok – beautiful in fact! I hope to speak to schools and new parents with a pre or post-natal diagnosis of DS. 3. God has given me a heart for adoption over the past few months. I always wanted to foster when my own children had grown up… But a combination of following you & others on Twitter, watching a tv show called ‘Finding Mum & Dad’ & reading lots about adoption, I would really like to adopt. My husband isn’t as keen but I know God changes hearts. So we’re praying about it. Oh, to make a difference in the life of just 1 child… I’m also speaking to another local church about co-hosting the Amie Aitken / Home For Good tour as its too expensive for just my church!!!
        Love all you & others are doing to raise awareness of adoption and fostering. The church needs to take this call to action seriously.
        Ps. My mother in law has bought your Home for Good book for me for my birthday tomorrow!!! 🙂

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