Snicker Snicker

Snicker Snicker

Well done to Snickers for a creative and empowering ad. Challenging both the stereotypes around builders and sexism.
Not 100% sure having a bloke shout at you across a street isn’t a scary event in itself, but what a great idea for an challenge to sexism.

HT to Sheridan Voysey for the video and Mckaysavage for the photo. 



One thought on “Snicker Snicker

  1. David Stout says:

    Hi Krish,
    Just a quick thought about this video…
    When I first saw it I had similar thoughts to you, however the statement at 1:06 in the video (“You’re not you when you’re hungry”) seems to backtrack on all the positive messages of the previous minute. Not only does it suggest that a builder ‘shouldn’t/wouldn’t act like this’ but I fear that it also appears to promote the degradation of women, whether it means to or not, by suggesting that it would be ok to act in the stereotypical ‘builder banter’ way.
    Any thoughts on this?

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