Sequels I want to see

Sequels I want to see

So Pixar have announced we are to get Incredibles 2 and Finding Nemo 2 (Finding Dory). I am surprised Incredibles 2 hasn’t come sooner – the first film was left on a great cliff hanger setting up a follow up. Recognising that sequels can make a great film into a mediocre series ( remember the Matrix Disaster or Oceans 12? ).

So which are the films you want to see sequels made for?


1.  Blade Runners

The Philip K Dick novel was a one off but there was of course the PW Jeter novels. Love to see if Romeo and Juliet – the star-crossed androids? Can they make it together in a brave new world. Do Androids dream of android babies?


2.  Re-Inception

I’d love to see a sequel not just because of the totem-hanging last scene. But I loved the labyrinth like plot and the powerful music. Would love to see them rescue the mind of someone suffering from locked-in syndrome.


3.  Bourne Brothers Assemble

I know its a bit of a cheat – but I still want to see more of Matt Damon being Jason Bourne again. Bourne Legacy didn’t really end and if the film could have a Treadstone assembles angle.


4.  Another go at Fargo

Who wouldn’t want to see detective Marge Gunderson solve a brand new crime? Perhaps this one could be set in summer and we get to meet her baby – maybe she has the baby in a papouse as she goes about solving crime?

Fight Club (1999) Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Screengrab)

5. Fight Club 2

I know the big reveal at the end of the film can’t be repeated. But I want to hear more of the struggle to find male identity in modern times. I want to hear Tyler Durden expound on the challenges of authentic living in a consumer society.

Which films would you like to see made into sequels?


2 thoughts on “Sequels I want to see

  1. Ed Jones says:

    In terms of a Fargo sequel what are your thoughts on the TV series, does that count as a sequel?

    1. thanks ed
      I didn’t know about that – very excited about this news

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