All out at All Souls

All out at All Souls

Just on my way home from a lovely evening with All Souls Church, Langham Place.  It was a very moving evening with testimonies from a young man who was adopted aged 8 now working at All Souls Church, an adoption social worker who works for a London borough and a High Court Judge who is often making difficult choices about whether to remove children from at risk families or not.  Mark Meynell was in fine form preaching up a storm on God’s heart for the vulnerable and God’s heart for adoption. I had the opportunity to call for a practical response to the pressing need for more adoptors and foster carers.

It was no accident that we were doing this on Mother’s Day as churches across the UK used our Mother’s Day material to help spread a vision for finding homes for the vulnerable children in our towns and cities.

In the time after the service I met two people who had grown up as orphans – one abandoned by his family in a Romanian orphanage another older lady who spent the first part of her life on the streets of Columbia learning how to fight for survival. Both told me about how the church had become a family to them and now both want to help make a difference for vulnerable young people.


view from the pulpit at All Souls

view from the pulpit at All Souls

As a student All Souls Langham Place was a place that loomed large in my imagination. The Rev Dr John Stott was the rector there and was churning out a whole of string of books that formed my understanding of what it means to be a Christian. His books Issues facing Christians Today, The Cross of Christ, The Bible Speaks Today on 2 Timothy, Romans and Acts was the incubator for my understanding of biblical theological, biblical exegesis and how to develop a generous confidence in the gospel. So what an honour it was to be speaking at John Stott’s home church. Stott represented to me the centre ground of evanglelicalism. He was confident about the core of the gospel and yet remained gracious and hospitable in the way that he related those he disagreed with. It seemed like a fitting place to be revealing that Home for Good is soon to become it’s own charity. Birthed from the Evangelical Alliance we look to help the church live out the gospel with respect to the vulnerable children in our communities. Home for Good aims to unite evangelicals from across the different streams: we have had the privilege to be given stage time at:

Acts 29 European leaders event,
Pioneer leaders conference,
New Testament Church of God of Prophecy Midlands conference
Praise Chapel

We are also going to be at both Spring Harvest and Word Alive because we recognise that wherever you are from the evangelical world “caring for widows and orphans” is part of the church’s DNA. We recognise it is going to take the whole church pulling together to meet the need across the UK. That if we the church step up to the challenge to find foster and adoptive homes for everyone that needs it we make a huge difference in the lives of children from difficult backgrounds but we will also give the nation a mini parable of the adopting love of God.

We’d love your prayer and support as we enter this exciting new stage.  Please drop me a message below so we can keep you informed on how things are going at this exciting time for the UK church.


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  1. Ignatius says:

    So encouraging to hear, Krish!

  2. Chris Joyce says:

    Thanks Krish, you and Mark did great on Sunday. Love the 2 Timothy commentary, IVP are giving it away for free in ebook form at the moment.

    Any chance I can grab an original copy of the photo you took from the front?

    See you at Word Alive.

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