Michael Bay and the art of public speaking

So not everyone is wired to be an awesome public speaker, but everyone can get better.
Here are 5 ways Michael Bay can get better after this car crash of a public speaking engagement.

1. Don’t rely on Technology

I know this is ironic not just because Michael Bay’s movies all rely on tech rather than substance and because I love technology and am very happy to use Keynote or video or Prezzi to speak from. It is also ironic because this was a Samsung launch event so the Tech should have been pretty safe.

But nevertheless if in doubt for a short presentation don’t use any technology so you are covered if things go wrong as they often do.

2. Never walk off the stage

It basically says to your audience that you don’t value their time, that you are more worried about your embarrassment than them. So stay on stage, you can blame the technology apologise. People will forgive you for looking amateurish – walking off makes you look like a Prima Donna.

3. Know your subject

Michael Bay’s main subject was going to be himself so this should have been easy.

4. Work as a team

This was an interview so he could have let the interviewee help him out of the problem he was having. Take a breath, don’t panic.

5. Use stories 

We would be cheering Michael Bay on if he had a nice disarming story about working with Transformers or why Megan Fox thought he was like Hitler. Seriously, tell us an anecdote from your life as a producer.
Tell us about your boyhood black and white TV and how you and your parents used to bond watching classic movies at Christmas.
Tell us about why TV’s are a window to another world?
How TV’s can unite a nation – we all remember where we were when the Moonlanding was televised or the Royal Wedding…

Strangely the whole episode was a sad reflection on Bay’s more recent movies – over reliance on technology and very little storytelling or substance. Friends don’t let our communication come to the same sorry end.



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