Change for Christ’s Sake

I’ve never been able to live with the motto “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I think that mentality stifles innovation and improvement. I am very keen that through gathering together as church we become more mature, more humble, more generous, more hospitable, in sum more Christlike.

Sunday services are of course only a fraction of what the life of the church involves but it is a vital and strategic part so as church leaders reflecting on our Sunday gatherings is an important part of our responsibility.
I would suggest we need to go through the virtuous circle of:

Try- experiment – give new ideas a go
Review – see below for a model conversation
Renew – make changes in light of the review and the Spirit’s leading
Repeat – go through the cycle again

I would argue that we don’t need change for change sake, we need change for Christ’s sake as we seek to serve his people. We make sure we are doing the best we can each and every week, having the humility to learn and change.

review repeat

Chatting with the leader of our local church we decided to set up a regular feedback conversation the Tuesday after our Sunday gathering. We were looking for a good framework to use for the review part of the cycle. I enjoyed reading this piece on the Unseminary site which offered 4 different models for a Sunday service review meeting:I came up with the following 5 areas for conversation hybrid as conversation map for a review. I wouldn’t suggest that we use all of the questions under each heading they are more for illustrative purposes. What have I missed out friends? How can I make it better?

1. Wins

– What can we celebrate that God did amongst on Sunday?
– Where did we get it right that we should do again next time?
– Who do we need to particularly commend and encourage in light of this Sunday?
– Where did the church leadership do well as a team?
– How did we help people to appreciate Christ and become more like him?

2. Woes

– what went wrong?
– what do we need to make sure never happens again
– are there any negative trends developing? 

3. Welcome

– who did we welcome to church for the first time and what are the follow up next steps for them?
– who did we miss?
– what are the needs in our congregation that we discovered through the social interaction on Sunday?

4. Worship

– how did we help people engage with God with their heart, mind and body?
– What did God say to us as a congregation that we need to hold on to?
– Did we honour and reverence Christ today?
– How was the over all flow of the service?
– Who did we use during the service?
– Did we make use of the range of gifts in the congregation?
– Did we have a good balance of old, young, men and women and different races taking part?

5. Word

– What did we hear from God in the sermon that should shape the ongoing life of the church?
– How clearly did we communicate scripture?
– Was the sermon accessible to those who were present?
– How did we help nonbelievers grasp more of the gospel?
– How was the gospel applied to believers ?
– What would you do differently if you were preaching that passage again?


One thought on “Change for Christ’s Sake

  1. David Toth says:

    Good questions! But context is critical. Once the purpose of the gathering is identified, then the questions take on real significance. A “change for Christ’s sake” means the gathering would make an identifiable and fulfilling contribution to the maturation process. Churches that do the hard work of identifying how their gatherings are contributing to that process will benefit from the questions. I always appreciate your posts! Thank you!

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