6 verbs of leaders on twitter

6 verbs of leaders on twitter

Looking forward to a seminar this afternoon with students at Regents Park College at Oxford University. One of the topics we are going to look at is whether twitter is worth the hassle. Here are my six reasons why it can be a useful tool for leaders.

1.  Incarnating – expressing gospel in another subculture

Living out the gospel in every sphere of life is our calling as disciples of Christ, Twitter is a great space to do that in.

2. Listening    –  allowing new streams of ideas and information into your imagination

Allow the zeitgeist of new ideas and thought streams to impact you by tuning into different people to follow on twitter.

3. Incepting   – injecting ideas into church and culture

There’s not that many new ideas on Twitter – lots of things are just recycled content from other sources. Add your ideas into the mix.

4. Clarifying  – developing the skill of conciseness

Having to reduce your thoughts to 140 characters can be a very good discipline to develop. Perhaps Twitter is the 21st century haiku.

5. Collaborating – cross platform networking

Twitter can be a great place to put together needs, skills and opportunities. I have found an amazing film maker through a connection made through Twitter alone.

6. Disseminating – news and information spreads quickly through social networks 

Lets say you want to tell everyone there’s been a flood in your building – twitter is a very agile way to get the message out.

What have  I missed friends?


2 thoughts on “6 verbs of leaders on twitter

  1. Thanks for sharing so thoughtfully. Keep up the good work.

    I think you have covered it in the verbs you have used but the one that always comes top of my list is “engaging”. If we are going to be good news we need to be good news in all the arenas we can be. Social media is one of these and we need to be engaging here. There are so many opportunities to engage in conversation.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice one Krish
    Maybe another word is “challenging ” a willingness to have the hard conversation .some call it “confronting” I prefer “faithfulness ”

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