Keeping up with the Holdernesses

So its that time of the year when we decide to write Christmas letters to tell you how amazing our lives are. It can be an excuse for shameless boasting about the holidays we have been on, how beautiful our kids are or how well they are doing at school. Well here’s the video that one ups all of our feeble attempts.

A news anchor, his actress wife and his adorable intelligent children all do some amazing singing and dancing. But don’t worry this is not just a christmas letter to shame all other Christmas letters its also a show reel for Dad’s new business. Kudos for slick presentation and some impressive rapping.

christmas jambes

Cheesy? Clever? Creative? or Commercialism – what say you?

Friends lets make sure Jesus stays at the centre of our Christmas celebrations this year. Let’s make much of him and not too much of ourselves.


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