Christmas Videos worth sharing

Preachers have a lot of work to do at Christmas. Lots of services means lots of opportunities to share the amazing good news of Christ’s coming. But because we are preaching from the same few Christmas Bible texts to the same congregations year on year, we sometimes need help to keep it fresh. These 2013 videos might just help: (in case you missed them here were my 2012 videos)

1. Hamlet the Annunciation

I really liked this left of field stop motion Christmas video. If you can get over the idea of a non-kosher animal retelling the story of a Mary a Jewish virgin meeting an Angel. Some brilliant and very cute voices and songs. Wait till the end for a cheesy bacon joke.

2. Christmas Time

Here’s a student pitched Christmas video from UCCF; its a little dead pan but it’s trying to have a tougher vibe with its spoken word / rap approach. Some nice animation. Possibly a little too long but a clear gospel message that raises some great questions.

3. Dark Christmas

I have shared Glen’s video previously, but this a very professionally made video with some great rhyme and powerful sentiments. Would love to have heard a call to follow Christ’s care for the vulnerable but nevertheless a very good Christmas video. Loved the background music especially.

4. Unto Us

This is powerfully made little video which would be a great intro for a sermon. Loved the Eastern European immigration vibe and the nice rendition of “O Come O Come Imannuel”. There’s a link to a mini series too…

5. Joseph

Just been sent this one from one of my favourites from last year Dai Jones. This video won Nativity factor this year – so nice job guys well done.

5. Joseph

6. Star News Bethlehem

Another great video from our friends down under in New Zealand. Great use of child actors and even an 11 year old first time director! Impressive CGI at the end. I found it somehow very moving when the penny drops for the news anchor.

7. Holderness Christmas

Not a video telling the story of christmas but rather a promotional film for a new family business nevertheless it may provoke some interesting conversations if you showed it and then had a little discussion. Click here for a blog on it and the video. 

8. InstaChristmas

If you use Instagram you will love this powerful Australian retelling of the Christmas story made up just from photos…

5. Joseph

9.  Jesus vs Santa

Another new Christmas video from Glenn Scrivener – this one may make you dizzy but it will make you think

10. Someone is Coming

This Christmas video puts the nativity in the context of the whole Bible story

11 Immanuel

This video (courtesy of Matthew Firth) takes one of my favourite carols and gives it a powerful new twist. Enjoy.

Do you know any other new Christmas videos worth sharing?



6 thoughts on “Christmas Videos worth sharing

  1. Adrian B says:

    Dated but worked very well in a secondary school carol service.

  2. Ben Niblett says:

    Zero explicitly Christian content, but a superb Christmas justice campaigning video featuring Santa invading HSBC

  3. dan steel says:

    In our traditional carols by candlelight this worked amazingly…

  4. Chris Hall says:

    InstaChristmas is the best one I have seen this year:

  5. Paul Snell says:

    We used this superb 5m40s video in our Carols by Candlelight last night and it was very well received. It is the Christmas story told through the lives and voices of modern day inhabitants of Bethlehem. Very well produced and a download available in high def. made by St Paul’s Church, Auckland, NZ.

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