5 Questions to prepare yourself for 2014

I always find New Year an excellent time for a bit of an audit of my life. It’s is a double milestone for me, as I have a birthday on 31st December (birthdays are always another great time for life audits). Rather than set New Year’s resolutions I find asking good questions and then trying to reorientate my life works for me. Here are 5 questions I am asking myself to prepare for 2014 I thought they might be worth sharing.
Take a look and see if there are any more I should add?Let me know if they help you.


5. Are God’s priorities driving my life?

– Is there anything God wants to change about what I am doing?
– Has my personal growth, career, ambition or reputation dislodged God from the rightful centre of my life?

4. How can I demonstrate God’s character this year?

– How can I be more godly in my family, workplace, neighbourhood, social media usage?
– What areas of my life is the Holy Spirit prompting me to shine more brightly for Christ?

3. What new habits might help me to be more attentive to God?

– Prayer – how can I listen more effectively to God?
– Bible study – how can I allow God’s word to set the direction of my life?
– Communion – how can I deepen my relationship with God’s people?
Whom could I help to grow in their faith? Who could help me grow in maturity?
– Rest – how can i make sure my work does not become an idol?
– Reading – how can I keep my faith fresh and engaged through reading helpful literature?

2. To whom can I show the hospitality of God?

– I have used the word hospitality rather than generosity because one way we sometimes try to alleviate a guilty conscience about poverty is to give money away rather than give ourselves away.
– Is there anything I can do to offer hospitality to the vulnerable in my community?
– Are there more children we can consider fostering or adopting?  How can I better support those that foster and adopt?

1.How can I effectively share the good news of Jesus in my life and words this year?

– The thing I am most grateful for in my life is the gospel. The good news that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection have opened a way for me to be adopted into God’s family. I don’t want anyone to miss out on this incredible privilege and so I want to look closely at my life to see how I can better share the goodnews graciously, winsomely and clearly.


5 thoughts on “5 Questions to prepare yourself for 2014

  1. Peter Jeffrey says:

    Perhaps some things to add would be around – who could help me in my spiritual journey this year and who could I help in their spiritual journey this year?

    Otherwise great and I intend to use with my Urban Saints group at our first meeting in 2014.

    God Bless


    1. krishkandiah says:

      thanks Peter – I have included your idea under the communion section – blessings krish

  2. Steve bottrill says:

    Right on the pulse of how we should reboot our life in Christ for the new year Krish. I plan to adapt it as a prayer for our service this Sunday

  3. Ron Baker says:


    What a great alternative to making resolutions! I trust I have your permission, I converted the post to a bulletin insert. Our congregation always values ideas based on the scriptures. I included on the back of the half page insert a list of scriptures (6-8 under each question) that correlate with the questions.

    Thank you for your excellent thoughts. I will share a message in the a.m. service along the thoughts in your #1 question.

  4. That’s really a great way to start 2014. In fact, your questions made me introspect. Thanks.

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