The Bible TV Series

The Bible TV series has had a huge impact globally. The series had viewing figures of over 95 million in the US and has become the fastest selling DVD miniseries set of all time – eclipsing Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Breaking Bad, X files and every other DVD box set. It is also the biggest selling miniseries on Blu Ray of all time.

“According to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, The Bible ranks as the fastest-selling TV title released on home video in the last five years, and ranks as the top miniseries title ever during its first week of release. Sales topped the first week of best-selling TV titles such as HBO’s Game of Thrones, True Blood and NBC’s The Office, as well miniseries hits like HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific.”

The UK is going to get its chance to see the TV series on national TV through Channel 5 in December. This is a big budget “greatest hits” of the Bible series. The producers are Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey are lovely people – I had the chance to meet them briefly in London earlier in the year. They are committed Christians and wanted to make a TV show that would help the Bible come alive to a new generation of TV viewers. They are big players in the US tv business having produced hit shows like The VOICE, Survivor. So they took a big professional risk bringing a Bible show to the airwaves.


I believe this TV show is a great opportunity for the UK church to make use of. As Mark and Ronna Burnett are committed Christians trying to be true to the Bible but in a format that makes sense for a modern audience. As with all artistic representations I am sure the series won’t please everyone. There will be press coverage that will try to stir up controversy – e.g.. that the devil looks like Barack Obama, or that Samson is black… but for me it is more important that Christians make the most of the opportunity for a key chunk of the story of the Bible is going to be retold for us in a big budget TV production. I want to encourage us to grasp this opportunity rather than sit back in cynicism.

Damaris have produced some great resources and there’s a dedicated site here for you to find out more. I have agreed to be on the council of reference so will keep you informed as things develop.

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4 thoughts on “The Bible TV Series

  1. Ralph Kucera says:

    Living in California, my wife & I had the opportunity to view the Bible tv miniseries when it came out last Easter Season. We recorded it each week, so we could watch it in a more quiet, reflective space in our lives (also, it’s nice to fast forward through the ads!) Each week there was a moment (s) where the Spirit of God would move us deeply in the production. My prayer for the UK is: As the Bible miniseries opens up the Bible to a new generation, that Spirit of God, the Bible’s inspiration behind the authors, would open hearts and minds to know that “all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge are hidden in Christ Jesus.” And it’s my firm conviction that the Spirit of God desires to reveal them to the thirsty & hungry of heart.

  2. Arthur says:

    Hi Krish — this series was recently screened in Australia, and the Bible Society filmed some great little reflections on each episode.

  3. Peter says:

    It has been so hard avoiding spoilers while waiting for it to be shown in the UK…

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