Short Term 12

I got to see an advance preview of this film and I loved it.

Short Term 12 is a residential care home for young adults. It is staffed by a team of twenty somethings who act as security guards, drug inspectors, counsellors and friends to the young people from troubled backgrounds. The film centres around the relationships of two of the staff: Grace and Mason and two of the young residents of the Short Term 12: Jayden and Marcus. It is Nate’s first dayt working as a carer at the centre. The film opens with Mason telling a story to Nate about his first day on the job when one of the young people managed to escape from the premises. Just then the alarm goes off and Sammy one of the teenagers at the centre screams at the top of his voice and makes a run for the gate… ( I have written a fuller piece for Damaris film blog – I will let you know when it is posted but in the mean time check out the great back catalogue.)

With the Home for Good campaign in full swing we thought this film would be a great way to engage a wider audience. If you are someone passionate about helping vulnerable children, you enjoy edgy films and you want to help us make some media noise about this film I have some free tickets for a special screening. Contact me on the blog if you are interested and tell us why you would like to be invited.

short term 12


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  1. Hi Krish, I’d love to be invited, it’s just down the road from me and I’m actually free which is amazing. I’d love for my husband and I to come, we’ve just been approved to adopt and would love to see about using the film for some learning in our community. Glad you’re teaming up with Damaris too.
    Thanks Tamsin

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