Tim Keller on how to preach the gospel in the city

Here’s a great little Tim Keller video we made for the Evangelical Alliance Council meeting a while back. If you have not come across him before there’s a great intro but if you are a long term fan there’s some fresh insights into how we preach the gospel in our cities and towns.

I am not sure I am comfortable with his view on contextualisation but you’ll have to wait for another post on that.

Hope you enjoy it.


One thought on “Tim Keller on how to preach the gospel in the city

  1. Larry Platner says:

    I been ministering with Agapé i London for the last eight years. Keller is right on with what he says about the diversity of the city, that there is no one method for proclaming the gosepl. What he says about contextualizing the gospel if true but only one aspect of contextualizing. We often think of the gospel in a linear fashion, staring with sin or God’s love and progressing from there. I think of the gospel as more of a story and a story that can be entered from different points and angles. Its finding the one that hooks people, gets their interest, so they listen to the rest of the story. This is not just about the theological order but also connecting with the language, language being not just the spoken words but their whole culture which interprets their world.

    His advice for lay people is brill, keep it simple and listen. He could have emphasised the latter much more. Listening is key to understanding another’s story and therefore decerning where their sotory will connect with the gospel story. This connection is not only in word but in deed as he says as our deeds are gospel proclamations. Unfortunately there is little understanding of this within the Western evangelical world and little training for it. Rather, we prefer to roll out pre determined programmes , run by professionals or a few expert lay people leaving most Christian lay people inept to proclaim the gospel with confidence and clarity. If we would invest more in training lay people how to listen, and connect with others through their words and deeds, I think we would see a mega increase in conversions.

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