NT Wright on Contextualisation

What a privilege to spend time with Tom Wright and get to talk about evangelism, mission and contextualisation. Everything he says here is off the cuff which is a measure of the breadth of his learning and his communication skills.

Tom shows us what we can learn from both Jesus and the Apostle Paul’s approach to faithful relevance. I deliberately asked Tom what he though of the idea that Tim Keller shared here – that contextualisation is just shuffling around the 10 different points of the gospel that you need to share with people.

I also had the chance to ask what we learn from the gospel writers about how to speak the gospel today. It’s a great little video and I would encourage you to watch it and pass it on.


One thought on “NT Wright on Contextualisation

  1. Tom continues to be able to get to the heart of the matter so clearly. I am preparing to lead an SU holiday with 50 young people in a couple of weeks time and I think I will use this as part of our team preparation. Thank you so much for sharing.

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