Time to wake up

Enjoyed spending time with Lutheran evangelical leaders from around the world here in Oslo.

Had some frank and challenging conversations about:

1. Whether child sponsorship just develops dependency – with a Kenyan church leader.
2. What impact fatherless makes to the next generation – with a Peruvian church leader.
3. How the persecuted church can help the West with its missing generation – from a bishop from Ethiopia.
4. The challenge of empowering parents to disciple their children – with a Norwegian youth worker.

I am here giving 4 lectures:

1. God, the city and youth ministry – urbanisation and next generation mission.
2. It takes a whole church – intergenerational ministry for the 21st century
3. God’s heart for young people
4. Developing 21st century missionary disciples.



What a privilege to learn alongside these fantastic leaders.
I also came across this video thanks to one of the other speakers:

Some startling stats:

27% of the church is under 15 but 3% of budget spent on children’s ministry…


One thought on “Time to wake up

  1. Moses Aboka says:

    Hey Krish!

    It was great meeting you, somehow after listening to you I not only feel but I know that my life will never be the same. The vision that I had for Youth Ministry is now more clearer than before. Thanks so much for your inspiration and action oriented talks that left us with the urge to move forward as a group.

    Thank You – Asante sana

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