Why iPads are so last year


I loved my iPad. It was barely out of my reach for the two years since they first came out. I was an early adopter and was completely won over by the portability, interactivity of the tablet experience. I used my Ipad mainly for email, diary, web surfing and lots of fun with the children playing games together. I wrote a chunk of one of our books on it on frequent train journeys into London. But something happened in November that means I have hardly used my Ipad recently

My work finally stopped a blackberry only policy which meant I bought a Samsung Note 2. This was a momentous step as it was my first step outside of the Apple ecosystem as we are an iPod, ipad, Mac family. So what changed my mind:

1. Size

The Note 2 is a phablet – a phone and tablet hybrid. Initially I was worried that i would feel like a comedian with a huge phone. But instead the size of the screen is perfect for me. Its big enough that i can read anything on it – from Kindle books, Logos commentaries, the Guardian Website and so that i can easily write notes with my S-Pen, yet it is small enough to fit into my pocket. Rather than fussing about on an Ipad which is not quite big enough to do serious typing on easily – I use my Macbook Air for that. but for quick responses to emails and note taking, web browsing – all the things i was using my Ipad for the Note 2 is spot on for me.

The Iphone 5 feels too small now and i would end up carrying 3 devices around:

Phone, Ipod, Ipad and my Macbook Air.

I now carry one thing about most of the time (and it fits in my trouser pocket). If i need to do a serious amount of typing then I carry the Macbook Air. Thanks to the tethering options on the Android I can get online on my Mac when I need to as well.

2. Price

My Note 2 was cheaper than buying the entry level Iphone 5 16GB.
I could also put in two additional batteries (3200 mah)- which give me a day and a half of heavy mobile usage and also boost the amount of memory (see below)

3. Stylus

In my opinion Steve Jobs was wrong. The stylus is a very useful addition to tablets. In fact I was using a stylus with my ipad a lot (and normally losing the thing because there was nowhere useful to put it). The S-pen that comes with the Note 2 is a thing of incredible precision and is very useful for writing, flicking through a list, previewing items.

4. SD cards

My music collection is bigger than my iPod and bigger than the available space on my Macbook Air even with a 32 GB memory card permanently onboard. Buying a iphone with a big enough memory was prohibitively expensive so it was going to be an iphone plus an ipod which was going to be bulky and expensive and confusing. The Note 2 comes with 32 GB plus I can put in a huge 64 GB card which solves all my music challenges. Not only that but thanks to 50GB drop box free upgrade and the wonders of Google Music I can now access oodles of cloud storage too.

5. Swipe type

typing on an IOS device feels very old hat – actually having to type in letter by letter. Swipe Type is so much quicker and more intuitive. It’s hard going back now.


There are a few things I miss:

– the blackberry was pretty good at Voice dialing which was very handy with my hands free kit.

– itunes is a very intuitive interface – and it took me a while to get used to google play

– podcasts are a little awkward to download – but have found some workarounds

But I can’t imagine going back now – so come on over Android you’ll enjoy the experience.


7 thoughts on “Why iPads are so last year

  1. Tim says:

    Traitor! Only joking. Im a mac addict but I have to admit that apple is behind the field at the moment and so they will have to pull something out the bag that will both entice new users and bring back prodigals (like yourself MR K).

  2. Alistair says:

    I never (ever) thought you, of all people, would turn you back on any Apple product – I’m shocked and very pleased.

  3. Cybarev says:

    I use an android phone and an ipad with an imac. Os’s and apps eg dropbox and spotify are so cross compatible these days I doubt I’ll sell my soul to one system!

  4. Tim Linford says:

    Although, having am iPhone 4 with a smashed screen, I would dearly like to consider a more affordable alternative (and possibly better?). I cannot see beyond, not only loosing iTunes, but also all the transparent iCloud usefulness of syncing iCal, Browser bookmarks and reading lists, also the amazing FaceTime and iMessage services….

    Apple have always been about more than just hardware…

  5. Emlyn says:

    I’ve got an Galaxy S2 phone and a Galaxy tablet so it’s nice to read someone writing sense about these things. But without getting too serious about this (because I suspect it was somewhat tongue in cheek) I do worry about our current obsession with having the latest whatever-it-is. So what if it’s ‘so last year’?
    In the 70s evangelicals were agonising about Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. Now we seem to agonise over our gadgets.
    Sorry Krish, I’m not wanting to make a cheap shot – I have too much respect for you to do that in any case. But isn’t it time we offered an alternative? Maybe you’re the person to do it!

  6. I’ve thought about making this switch in the last Krish but am help back by the lack of integration. At the minute I have my iPhone, iPad and Mac mini – so all nicely integrated, photo streams, Pages, Keynote etc… Have you missed this, or found a good way around it?

    1. krishkandiah says:

      i still use keynote and pages on my mac
      i realised i wasn’t using my Ipad to write or create very much – it was too cumbersome – so use my laptop for that kind of work now
      most of my integration happens through evernote, kindle, dropbox and google chrome.

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