The Discipleship Challenge

I am surprised that more people haven’t seen this cute little video about discipleship. It’s only 2 minutes long but manages to raise some good challenges to the church about what the point of church is.

There’s lots to like about it.

– The emphasis on church as a disciplemaking community
– The emphasis on equipping for ministry
– The emphasis on interpersonal discipleship rather simply rotas and programmes
– The emphasis on whole life discipleship – in work, arts and business

But have a little watch and see if you spot the same little niggle I had with it… drop me a line below if you spot it.

If you are passionate about growing in discipleship and helping the church reboot its thinking and practice on the subject – you will enjoy this course I am teaching at Regent College, Vancouver .


7 thoughts on “The Discipleship Challenge

  1. Paddy Harris says:

    Like all US films the US saves the day? Is your niggle that all the light comes from there to the rest of the world?

  2. Karl Udy says:

    There are several different copies of it on youtube, and one of them has 40k views so maybe more people have seen it than it first appears.

    Was your niggle that the things that they advocate doing, the love, liberate, lead, launch don’t happen without programs, events, training, etc? The cynical world-weary side of me almost wants to ask, “What program/curriculum/book are they selling?” (None that I can find, by the way)

    Although what they did get right is that we do often get things topsy turvy and let the programs, events, etc crowd out the purpose they were originally started for.

  3. Bev Murrill says:

    The niggle is the bit that says: What if we made more disciples… and then the figures are filled in as apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers. It heightens the sense that leadership roles are the most important disciples, where actually, it would have been much better to identify people by their ‘people-ness’ rather than by their spiritual leadership giftings. There is more to discipleship than the leaders of the churches.

  4. Jo Pestell says:

    Sounds like there are several little niggles since I agreed with the other comments! The one for me was the lack of Holy Spirit, and a sense that we can only ‘do the stuff’ because of His graceful empowering presence. At the end of the Great Commission, the words ‘I am with you always’ give the key to everything we do. Only because He is with us and only for His glory.

    Having said that I don’t want to be niggly because it’s a great little thought provoking video!

  5. John S Smith says:

    I had seen this before but you look at it differently when asked to look for niggles.
    I guess what hit me today was that love to others was illustrated by sharing the Bible.
    I thought we loved others by addressing their felt needs…unconditionally – and yes of course there will be a time for sharing God’s word – but not first off.

  6. Ian Gray says:

    Slightly got the impression that Paul was put almost on the same level as Jesus, then the rest of the Apostles after him. And yes, it’s a shame that all this mission starts in the US…

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