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If we are going to see the gospel of Jesus make the impact in the lives of Christians and in the cultures we live in – effective discipleship is the decisive task of the church.


Discipleship is the core calling of all Christians yet many would argue that is our failure to do this basic task that has meant that we have lost confidence to share our faith; struggled to find energy or motivation to transform our communities; inadequately challenge issues of global poverty and injustice. Sadly lack of discipleship has left our churches are often consumer driven rather than gospel driven . In fact the catastrophic losses of young adults leaving the church can be attributed to a failure to adequately prepare young people for adult life so we are facing the situation where the majority of young people do not make it into their 20-30s with their faith in tact.



I want to invite you to join me in Vancouver for a two week intensive course on helping the church to reboot its discipleship. My aim will be to help you personally take concrete steps forward in your discipleship but also to think biblically and creatively about how we can see a culture change in our churches on this issue. The course is running from 3rd – 14th of June 2013.

Vancouver in June is an amazing place. A bustling modern city surrounded by breath taking natural beauty.

Regent College offers a unique learning environment with an amazing multicultural mix of friendly students in a state of the art learning centre.

On top of all this – if you use the code below you can get a Regent College_Summer2013_Faculty Discount Program a discount on course fees if you use the code: (summer50 or summer100) when you register for the course online at: www.rgnt.net/summer.

Here’s the curriculum for the course:


It takes a whole gospel to raise disciples…

Genocide and the discipleship deficit

A vision for transforming discipleship

Lex credenda, the grand story and discipleship

Lex communatis, the body of Christ and discipleship

Lex orandi, the praxis of Christian holiness and discipleship


It takes a whole Bible to raise disciples…

Preaching, scripture & spiritual formation

Biblical narratives and holistic discipleship

Wisdom literature and discerning discipleship

The Psalms and emotionally integrated discipleship

Apocalyptic discipleship: reimaging discipleship for a post-Christian


It takes a whole world to raise disciples…

Equipping the church for culturally immersive discipleship

Evangelistic disciples: building gospel confidence into spiritual formation

Just discipleship: empowering the church for political discipleship

Discipleship after Google: following Christ in digital space

Whole life discipleship and Christian worship: ecclesiology, vocation and liturgy

It takes a whole church to raise disciples…

Young missionary disciples and inter-generational formation

Twenty-something vision: discipleship and the missing generation

Discipleship in the global village: intercontinentally connected discipleship

Developing multicultural and multiclass discipleship models

Reforming the church as a disciple-making community


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  1. Ruth Hassall says:

    Hi Krish, is this programme open to people in the UK? If not, do you have any plans to run it here? Thanks

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