5 things I enjoyed about Spring Harvest 2013


Our family have just come back from an excellent time at Spring Harvest. Here are the 5 highlights for me of the event.

1. Confidence in the Gospel

The theme of the event this year was “The Source: encountering Jesus Today” at the heart of this was a need for us to recover Jesus at the centre of our identity (BE) our words (SAY) and our actions (DO). It was great to be at an event that made sure evangelism was at the centre of the churches mission alongside doing justice. So many events manage to exclude one or the other – but to be thinking about genuinely holistic mission was excellent. As someone passionate about evangelism – one of the highlights of my week was running a seminar on evangelism in which we ran out of seats! You can read more about the theme in my new book Back to the Source.


2. All Age

I love the fact that Spring Harvest is such a genuinely all age event. From the Big start where children and adults are encouraged to worship together and get introduced to the theme of the day then there are groups for children and adults to explore the same material but in ways that take seriously learning styles and age differences. It was exciting to be having lunch together as a family and hear how my 6 year old and my teenagers were engaging with the same topics.


3. Accessibility and Diversity

We had the privilege of being at Spring Harvest with lots of friends including someone who has had a serious brain injury that has meant he has mobility, communication and learning challenges. We experienced first hand that the team at Spring Harvest do a brilliant job of making sure people with disabilities are extremely well catered for. I was so pleased to feel a real connection with African and Black majority churches thanks to a racially diverse speaking and worship leading line up including: Les Isaacs, Kate Coleman, Noel Robinson and Mark Beswick and many others. There’s still a long way to go – but it was a great step forward.


4. Adoption and Fostering

The Spring Harvest team gave an excellent amount of profile to the Home for Good campaign and we had hundreds of foster carers, adoptive parents, social workers and those wanting to help the church get involved join us for some inspiring times together.Find out more Home for Good.


5. Technology

Regular folowers of my blog will know that I love experimenting with new technologies. The new plasma screen, use of twitter, instagram, live video feed to chalets, phone ins etc were great fun and helped people to connect in new and exciting ways to the theme.

As a bonus extra – my kid have all become huge Tim Vine fans – he was on sparkling form in the afterhours programme.


6 thoughts on “5 things I enjoyed about Spring Harvest 2013

  1. Ruth Pryce says:

    We went to week 1, I agree with Krish in that the teaching from Gerrard Kelly was excellent, We had studied 1 John as a Church before coming to SH and we all felt very encouraged . Being a Nurse/Chaplain in Palliative Care I personally got a lot of encouragement from Ishmael and Irene talking about their personal encounter with Cancer, They were very honest and gave me a lot to think about.
    We were sorry to miss you, Krish, this year-being a fellow LFC supporter!!

  2. Georgia Needham says:

    I had a fantastic time at week 2 and thanks to #dozone I now totally understand Twitter! Loved learning how to Be Say and Do the good news. Enjoyed watching my 3yr old dance and wave her flag in the Big Top each morning! Thank you all xxx

  3. Lisa Oakley says:

    I went to Skegness and our whole group said the focus this year was spot on. The teaching across the programme was excellent and the application to real life was very helpful. We had a community and evangelism meeting last night which was excellent and ideas from Spring harvest were really helpful. We have been asked to work with the town centre manager to provide an event for families in the summer – and they are funding it šŸ™‚ looking forward to SH 2014 already

  4. KievJoy says:

    Be careful when you go to Spring Harvest. I went in 2002 and kept getting the message to sell everything and follow Him, whatever group I went to. That’s how we ended up in Ukraine. Haven’t been able to get back for another one since. You don’t know what’ll happen when you go.

  5. Debi March says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Krish. I loved every minute of it. Was fantastic to see my 10 year old son (who rarely comes to church) on stage dancing and singing at The Big Breakfast; he was also enthusiastic about his group, activities and what he had learned. Looking forward to 2014!

  6. Mark Fitchew says:

    I agree Kris, a moving week. I am still trying to place everything I learned into the context of my own church and my life in general!
    And I’m glad your kids enjoyed Tim Vine! He and John Archer were a great way to unwing at the end of the day! I’ve got your book, it’s one of many I’ve still gotta read!

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