10 000 missing mothers

I miss my Mum. She died two years ago this week and although I was in my late thirties, I still feel a huge hole in my life My mother’s unflinching belief in me helped me when the racist bullies tore strips off of me at school. Her quiet dignity and radical generosity showed me how to live when I was told to “go black home” on a daily basis. Even now hardly a week goes by that I don’t wish I could phone her and let her know something, ask her opinion on some matter, or just tell her I love her. Mothers are invaluable.

Sadly there are 10 000 mothers missing in the UK at the moment. Every day 4600 children wait for a mother; children who have been taken away from their homes because their birth families can’t or won’t look after them. Most of them are waiting in foster homes longing for someone that they can call Mum in a new forever family. There’s also a need for 8000 more foster mums to help children like these that are in transition. That’s 12,600 mothers that are needed. Because some of these children are in sibling groups and will share a mum, let’s just find 10,000 and keep brothers and sisters together.

Home for Good

Mother’s Day is a difficult day for many people. Many, like me, will miss our mums especially on that day. Some will have terrible memories of mothers that failed them, or abandoned them, or even abused them. Others will grieve for the dream of being a mother that never materialised for them. Some mother’s will mourn lost children. Some mothers wish they could look after their own children but have had to relinquish children to the care system. Lets hold all of these situations in our prayers, but whatever our past, lets make this Mother’s Day a start of a new future for the thousands of children who are waiting for a new Mum.
You could be the one – the person that means the difference between a life lived without a mum or a life lived knowing the transforming power of a mother’s unflinching love and generosity.

Lets find those 10 000 missing mothers.

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  1. Jean Brooks says:

    Dear Krish Kandiah

    Is there is anywhere on your website where you tell us how you became a Christian?

    I am reading your Dysciples book now.

    God bless,

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