The Times The Sun and The Gospel

I spent a very interesting afternoon with a group at the very impressive News International HQ today. I was speaking on the subject of “Ethical leadership in a digital culture” and had a very interesting dialogue with the attendees. We talked about how we can rebuild confidence in organisations and institutions that have lost their “public contract of trust.” I focussed on the resources that the gospel brings for knowing your identity in uncertain times and developing grace based integrity because of what God has already done for us and how we want to respond by honouring him.

View from the 13th floor of 3 Thomas More Street


I then spent some time with some of the employees as they gave me a guided tour of the building. I was hugely impressed by the Christian staff that I met – the level of esteem and affection their fellow staff hold them in. I was impressed by the friendliness and openess of the journalists and editors that I met at both the Sun and the Times. It was fascinating to get to chat to the pictures editor for the Sun about the future of page 3 girls, why British newspapers wouldn’t publish embarrassing pictures of Kate and to the night editor of the Sun about the impact that weekend working has on work life balance.

Please pray for the Christians who work in the press and media for the opportunities they have to both be and speak good news in their workplaces and the huge influence they can have as people of integrity in the press.


PS. I loved the fact that the news editor from the Sun has this amazing collection of sauces for his desk based snacks…

Saucy Picture from the Sun



3 thoughts on “The Times The Sun and The Gospel

  1. Fascinated to know how this incredible opportunity came about?

  2. Bill Shaw says:

    ….and pray for the non-Christians as well!

  3. Lynne Bunting-Gray says:

    I think the most important thing for Christians is to realise that we are not alone in the workplace but there seems to be some fear of ridicule or being shunned by admitting your faith openly. I pray that we can be bold in our faith so that together we can strengthen our commitment to a life lived as God wills with no fear.

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