Justice for All

Really enjoyed this spoken word piece about the nature of Justice. I love its challenge to pursue justice for all. Its a great call to the church to make sure we don’t just fight for the causes that affect us but seek the common good. If you look at the topics and issues we Christians are often willing to fight for with all of our strength and energy sadly they are often not common good issues, they are particular to us as Christians.

On the ground across the UK I am so proud of what the church is doing with Food banks, CAP projects, Street Pastors and Anti-Trafficking initiatives. In so many ways, the church on the ground is living out the life of the gospel. The grace of God made visible through the church active in the community sharing God’s love with others both practically and verbally. But the voice we hear in the public square sounds often less about seeking justice for all but rather pursuing our agenda and our rights.

What would an “others-centred” voice sound like in our public life?

What would it sound like to ring the liberty bell – not just for ourselves but for everyone?

There are a number of campaigns I am involved with that are exactly about seeking the common good, love to know what you think of them.





This year, many of the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK. They must change the future for millions of people who live with the day to day struggle against hunger. But that will only happen IF we get together and make them act. You can sign up in support of this campaign with Tearfund, CAFOD, Christian Aid or Oxfam and a host of others.

flesh and blood



This is a campaign to encourage Christians to see blood and organ donation as part of their giving to God. This is a great picture of the church willing to make sacrifices for the wider society.




regular followers of my blog will know all about the campaign to encourage the church to help meet the need to find adoptive families for the 4000 children currently waiting for homes in the UK and another 8000 foster families to meet the current need.


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