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Dear friends, The Evangelical Alliance, Care for the Family and the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service will soon be launching a campaign to encourage the UK church to step up to the challenge of finding and supporting the foster carers and adoptive parents needed to make sure every child in care in the UK that needs a home for good finds one.


I wonder if I could ask for your help. If you are a church leader could you leave a comment on this blog post which just says your name (including title) and your church that confirms you commend the campaign. I need to hit 100 church leaders by 5pm tonight. So if you know anyone you can pass this on to please do as it would be very very helpful.
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• I strongly commend churches throughout the UK to get involved with the Home For Good campaign

• I believe that caring for the vulnerable children in our society is a clear biblical imperative (James 1:27 et al.).

• I believe that helping children to find safe, loving and secure foster and adoptive homes is a clear way that the church can serve God, serve our communities and show compassion to children in need.

• I call on churches to look for ways to intentionally and appropriately support their foster and adoptive families.

• I call on Christians to prayerfully consider fostering and adopting so every child that needs one can find a home for good.


“Christians have a strong historic track record of showing compassion and concern for the poor, the marginalised and the vulnerable. With such an unacceptably high number of children waiting for adoption in the UK and the pressing need for more foster carers we have both a challenge and an opportunity on our doorsteps. I commend Home for Good as a significant and practical way that Christians can serve children. It’s important as Christians that we use our homes to offer hope, healing and love to those in need.”

Rev Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

“Home for Good is a timely initiative which will enable the church to become more involved in this vitally important work of adoption and fostering.”

Rev Nicky Gumbel,Rector, Holy Trinity Brompton

“Since there is no greater need in a child’s life than to be loved consistently and unconditionally I strongly encourage churches to increase their support of foster and adoptive families and promote the need for others to become similarly involved.”

John Cole, Director, New Wine


Home for Good – Commendations (DRAFT)


89 thoughts on “Home for Good

  1. Rebekah Green says:

    Wholeheartedly agree!

    Rebekah Green
    The Forge Community Church, Suffolk

    1. krishkandiah says:

      thank you very much Rebekah much appreciated :o)

  2. Ned Lunn says:

    I commend this necessary imperative to care for orphans.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      Thank you Nedd – which church are you from and are you Rev or Pastor ? thanks kk

  3. Paddy Harris says:

    I commend this campaign and have seen the amazing good families who foster and adopt can do for their community, churches and society as a whole.

  4. Pete Blackband says:

    Certainly commend this campaign . Adeyfield Free Church, Hemel.

  5. Revd Jude Smith says:

    In the long history of God and his people there is a justice, and simply a love imperative to care for those who society has left vulnerable.. Adoption and fostering should not just be championed, one might argue it should be the norm in our churches.

  6. Fulwood Free Methodist church… presently promoting Barnardo’s teen care from the pulpit. Hoping a support group will form who all take in children. Personally we fostered for years… I wrote a book called Being Forgotten, not about fostering/adoption but about the minds of the children themselves – to highlight different problems and to champion them. Forward by my brother in law, Jason Gardner, who has at last, successfully adopted this year. keep up the good work everyone! The children need us all.

  7. Hi Krish, more than happy to commend this to Warley Baptist Church, Oldbury.

  8. Peter Burns says:

    Home for Good is a fabulous initiative and I’m delighted to offer support. Fostering and Adoption are terrific ways for Christians to show God’s love in rewarding ways. All that this campaign offers to encourage Christians to come forward in this way is to be encouraged. Peter Burns, Castle Hill Baptist Church, Warwick.

  9. Home for Good is a great initiative that will encourage the church to impact young lives for good through loving fostering families

  10. Gareth Hawkes says:

    Make yourself available if you have a spare room! Rainbow church, north London! Also check out agency http://www.phoenixcommunity.org /foster if you have a spare room and want to foster!

  11. Mark Meynell says:

    Without a doubt… sign me up
    Mark Meynell
    All Souls, Langham Place, London

  12. We at Crossnet Community are really pleased to commend and to support this campaign.

  13. Matt Nott says:

    I whole heartedly support and encourage churches to support this campaign. Matthew Nott, Minister, King’s Community Church

  14. From Rev Victoria Linford, Church of Scotland – yes I would certainly commend this campaign (we are adoptive parents of two boys and life with them is an exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding adventure!)

  15. Matt Nott says:

    I’m totally happy to support that campaign. Matt Nott, Minister, King’s Community Church, Oldbury, W.Mids

  16. Vaughan Roberts says:

    I ‘m right behind this excellent initiative and will commend it at St Ebbes, Oxford.

  17. Glenn Innes says:

    Delighted to add our name to this. Glenn Innes Associate Pastor, Gerrard Street Baptist Church.

  18. Tim Lewis says:

    I commend the Home for Good initiative as a practical expression of God’s love by churches for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, Tim Lewis (Curate: St Michael and All Angels Church, Bradford).

  19. One of the best ways of expressing our passion for God and participating in His mission is to express His love and favour to those who are the most vulnerable in our society and our communities. Of all such, children may be the most needy. To find a safe place to dwell with a loving family has to be one of the deepest expressions of humanity and therefore must be at the forefront of Christian involvement in the world. Fostering is a loving way to enable a child to belong, to be loved, to be transformed into a person of hope. I whole-heartedly commend this act of generosity and support.

  20. I commend this initiative. Philip Brooks, Vicar

  21. Dave Pegg says:

    Absolutely! The need is huge and the church can and must step up to meet it! Dave Pegg – Youth Support Worker, Belmont Chapel, Exeter

  22. I back the campaign. The church needs to be at the forefront of this. Gateway Church Barnsley

  23. Paul Woodman says:

    We commend this initiative. Look forward to working with you in Southampton. CITY LIFE CHURCH SOUTHAMPTON

  24. Totally agree, Dave Matthias, Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury

    1. Sorry should have read Dave Matthias, elder, Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury

  25. Mark Massey says:

    I 100% commend this campaign. Rev Mark Massey, Rayleigh Baptist Church, Essex.

  26. Rev Mark Salmon says:

    I completely agree that providing a home and care for children is probably the most important and essential gift to give the next generation…

    1. Rev Mark Salmon says:

      Vicar of Harlescott in Shrewsbury.. sorry missed that bit out!

  27. My wife and I adopted 2 children about 18years ago. Not an easy ride! I commend this strategy and would encourage churches to support the unique needs of adoptive families.

  28. Rebekah Korniej (Youth Worker at St Luke's Highwoods and The Ark Highwoods Methodist Church) & LLB (hons) Barrister at law) says:

    As a youth worker and as a Barrister whose practice is predominantly in Family Law I strongly agree.

  29. Jon March says:

    My wife and I support this 100% – we desperately want to see the crisis in adoption and foster care addressed.

  30. Jon March says:

    My wife and I support this 100% – we desperately want to see the crisis in adoption and foster care addressed.

    Rev’d Jon March, St Luke’s Oseney Crescent, Kentish Town

  31. jake Belder says:

    Absolutley, I’m fully behind this! My wife and I are going through the adoption process at the moment. Jake Belder, St John’s, Newland, Hull.

  32. Ray Ellis says:

    Youth worker at Tyndale Baptist Church, Reading. I commend this campaign.

  33. Absolutely behind this!

    Rev Richard Frank, Vicar All Souls Church in St Margarets nr Twickenham

  34. Lucy Moore says:

    Full support from me for this brilliant campaign to find homes and families for children. Lucy Moore Messy Church

  35. Peter Hughes says:

    Right behind the initiative. Revd Pete Hughes, Kings Cross Church (KXC), London

  36. Mark Styants says:

    Wholeheartedly commend this campaign – Mark Styants, Pastor of Bovey Tracey Baptist Church

  37. Mark Timmins says:

    Totally support this and have already been addressing it with the church where I am a Minister. Convinced that we can bring the numbers down!

  38. Rev Alan Donaldson says:

    Delighted to commend home for Good. I have been a foster carer for 14 years. Rev Alan Donaldson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland.

  39. Jon Beardon says:

    Wellspring Family Church, Dereham.
    I would like to add my voice to fully support this important issue.

  40. Steve Cleary says:

    We fully endorse this campaign as one which not only hears the voice of God, but does something about His call in obedience. In a society which is so full of self, we are called to act selflessly, especially to the most vulnerable in our community. Fostering and adoption are truly biblical expressions of God’s love and we whole-heartedly commend this initiative. Steve Cleary, Springfield Baptist Church, Upper Norwood.

  41. Dan Christian says:

    Thanks for this Krish, I would love to commend it to our church, st Mary’ s and st cuthbert’s, Chester le Street.
    Dan Christian (curate)

  42. I certainly support this initiative to mobilise the church to engage with the crisis in adoption and foster care in the UK. A powerful expression of the love of God who adopts us all into his family.

  43. Dr Ian White says:

    I warmly commend this project. As a minister of a multi-congregation church I encounter adoption in my work and have also experienced its benefits in my own family. Few aspects of contemporary life more closely mirror the way God sees us as we are adopted into his spiritual family in Christ.
    Go for it!

    Dr Ian White, Senior minister, Victoria Baptist Church Eastbourne.

  44. I’m an adoptee, adoptive parent and Church Ministry leader of Encompass Orphan Care in Bozeman, MT, USA. I appreciate the efforts and voice that Home for Good is speaking on behalf of the fatherless in the UK. This is most definitely a worthwhile campaign for the fatherless to be cared for by the local church.

  45. I support this important effort without reservation!

    John A. D’Elia, Senior Pastor
    The American Church in London

  46. Justin Tomkins says:

    Thank you for all you’re doing in relation to adoption. Justin Tomkins, Curate

  47. Allen Bower says:

    Privilege to support this amazing campaign as an adoptee & future adopter. Adoption is at the heart of the Christian faith – we are adopted children of God, and fundamental to our mission as the church – we are called to care for the vulnerable. Rev Allen Bower, St Mark’s Kensal Rise.

  48. As an adoptive parent and church leader, I am delighted to commend the “Home for Good” initiative.
    Revd Dominic De Souza, Letchworth Garden City Church (Elim)

  49. Stuart Earl says:

    This campaign has my complete support. Rev Stuart Earl, Minister for Youth, Biggleswade Baptist Church.

  50. Delighted to be able to add my voice to others in supporting your work with adoption and fostering.

    Neil Brighton – senior minister Poynton Baptist Church

  51. Revd Richard Dimery says:

    Absolutely. St James, Woodside (Leeds, Church of England)

  52. Jon Magee says:

    I whole heartedly would encourage support of this project.

    Rev Jon Magee, Minister of Lochgelly Baptist Church, Fife, Community Councillor and author of “From barren Rocks to Living Stones” & “Paradise Island, Heavenly Journey”

  53. Hi Krish,

    I fully agree and will recommend it to all those I serve. This is a pressing need and a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love.

    Charlie Styles,
    Curate of Stoke Poges, Rector-elect of Lutterworth

  54. David Todd says:

    David Todd, Community Pastor, St John’s Evangelical Church, Linlithgow, West Lothian.
    I fully support and endorse this campaign.

  55. Owen Hylton says:

    Two weeks ago two christian child protection social workers I know, were asking why the church isn’t doing more to provide foster and adoption parents. They told me apparently there are 3000 children cleared for adoption in the UK and only 300 eligible families to adopt them. Happy to support.

  56. Very pleased to add my voice to this, particularly having seen one family do amazing things as foster carers. Awesome work, got to encourage this. Revd Phil Cansdale, Vicar of Trinity Churches in Shrewsbury

  57. Andy Robinson says:

    This is an important initiative in our society that reflects the heart of a God who adopts people into His family- Andy Robinson, Pastor of Woodstock Road Baptist Church, Oxford

  58. Jane Willis says:

    I wholeheartedly support this initiative and pray is will be a blessing to many children in need of secure homes and families. Jane Willis – Vicar of the Chittleleigh Group, North Devon

  59. I agree with the home-for-good campaign and aims. Tim Fergusson. Olton Baptist Church.

  60. Pete Lowman says:

    Hi Krish. Definitely want to support what you’re doing with adoption & fostering, hope I havent missed the deadline. (I’m a pastor at Wycliffe Baptist Church in Reading.)

  61. Graeme Ross says:

    Absolutely. Sorry this comment is 11 mins late. Rev Graeme Ross, Orchard Baptist Church Colchester

  62. Graeme Ross says:

    Graeme Ross. Minister of Orchard Baptist Church, Colchester

  63. As foster carers and adopters ourselves we wholeheartedly support this campaign.

  64. As foster carers and adopters ourselves we wholeheartedly support this campaign.
    We would love to get involved.

  65. Paul and Louise Bunton says:

    We Wholeheartedly support this work, as foster carers and adopters we really understand the needs and the benefits.
    We would love to get involved.

  66. Adam Beaumont says:

    Revd Adam Beaumont, Holy Trinity, Westbury on Trym, Bristol. As Christians we are all adopted children of God… there can be no higher calling than to follow in these footsteps.

  67. I wholeheartedly support this initiative as an active expression of God’s love to the most venerable in our society. David Gerrard (curate, St. Anne’s Church, Shevington)

  68. This is an important ministry – to encourage the Spirit of Adoption within those adopted by God. I wholeheartedly commend this initiative. Revd Gordon Jones, Partick Baptist Church, Glasgow.

  69. This is such an important and vital cause and as a hopeful potential adoptive parent I wholeheartedly commend and support the mobilisation of the UK church to love and care for those unfortunate children without families. (Leader @ Medway Family Church, Rochester, Kent)

  70. This is a key area where the church can demonstrate Gods love to a hurting world, at such an important time. I wholeheartedly commend it. Dave Eyeington (Associate Pastor, New Life Church Milton Keynes).

  71. Richard Lamey says:

    Absolutely in favour of this- such an important area, and so much at stake, and so much good to be done. And if we’re not in the forefront of this, taking risks, making the difference in love, then what are we for? and what are we called to?

    1. NIck Gore says:

      I really agree with Richard and trust there will be thousands of children who find a home of love through this initiative and that it releases resources to support the whole family.

  72. Richard Lamey says:

    Rector, St Paul’s Wokingham with St Nicholas’, Emmbrook and Woosehill Community Church, Diocese of Oxford

  73. Revnd Canon Stephen Girling says:

    I support this campaign, have firsthand experience of seeing chuldrens lives transformed by loving, caring family, we need to encourage more.

  74. Andrew Ryland says:

    A great initiative! Well done! Beacon Church (Addlestone and Chertsey in NW Surrey)

  75. Clare Masters says:

    Delighted to add our prayers and support. We have three children, two of whom are adopted. Clare, Reader-in-traing at Bidborough Church.

  76. Very late response but I fully support this campaign and think this is a key way Christians can support the most needy in our society. Rev. Simon Cragg, Southborough lane baptist church

  77. Very late response but I fully support this campaign and think this is a key way Christians can support the most needy in our society. Rev. Simon Cragg, Southborough lane baptist church

  78. Rev Sonya Doragh says:

    I endorse this campaign wholeheartedly. Adopting is the most rewarding, inspiring & challenging step of faith we have taken. Rev Sonya Doragh

  79. We of St Peter’s, Mowbray in Cape Town wholeheartedly endorse this campaign, and will continue to promote fostering and adoption here in South Africa as we did in the UK.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      thanks David
      appreciate your support

  80. Arfon Jones says:

    As an adoptive parent myself, I can witness what a blessing and privilege adopting two children has been to our family. The ‘Home for Good’ campaign is God inspired. I’m 100% behind you.

  81. Liz Chesters says:

    Being the adoptive mum of two girls I am behind you all the way. It,s redemption in action!

  82. Claire says:

    Really inspired by the Home for Good stuff at SH Skegness this year.

    We’re already on that road with three amazing (adopted) kids, but had been really struggling. Felt truly affirmed this week – sacrificial love is hard but our sacrfice is nothing compared to that of the Lord. We feel we’ve really turned a corner and as a bonus our wee man is now on fire for Jesus too.

    We would love to help get this campaign going here in Scotland.

    Claire and Sandy

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