Come on let’s change the world

I believe the future of Christian influence in the UK will be different from the past. It will not be due to a top down assertion of power, but rather the faithful presence of Christians who live for God’s kingdom in every sphere of society. If we catch a vision for this we will not only see more young adults survive into a life of mature adult faith we will see the light of the gospel not just transform lives but our institutions and culture too. With this in mind here is my pitch to student leaders from the Midlands to help with a pilot programme this autumn to help students get a vision for life beyond graduation right from the beginning of the university life. If you have any ideas of how we can best do this or are a graduate in the midlands and want to help us – drop me a line below.


8 thoughts on “Come on let’s change the world

  1. hey krish, love this. anything we can do in london?
    anything I could do/help with personally? (soon will be finishing 5 very happy years with the uccf still “longing just to do something that’s of worth” as I’ look ahead.)

  2. krishkandiah says:

    love to have you involved Chris – will drop you an email

  3. Lydia says:

    Hi Krish,
    I graduated this november from Coventry University in Theatre and Professional practice.
    I’d love to see change and ownership of faith. I think for many young people , until they reach university, where they really have to learn to live independantly, many peoples faith were carried for them , then all of a sudden, your in this world where you have to claim it and take full ownership, you have to find a church and new friends – and thats a massive task.

    Most young people don’t like the meek and mild portrayal of Jesus, if they want to live for something they need to feel its worth it, they need to know and be educated in that fact Jesus isn’t a baby any more, but he is radical!

    I ‘ve got a few thoughts let me know if you’d like a better diolouge

  4. JUDE munday says:

    I really agree. There’s not one simple thing that needs to change but I think that having role models in normal, secular jobs is important. it would be great to have a wider variety of people involved in youth work and discipleship as well as speaking at youth, student events. Would be happy to be involved if I can help!

  5. JUDE munday says:

    Oh, I’m a graduate in the midlands, but maybe too old at 28!

  6. Krish: sounds brilliant. I’ll pray that the autumn event would be the start of great things!

  7. Johanna says:

    I’m a graduate in the midlands! Along with my husband and other friends from church, I’m trying to encourage and welcome other Christians in their 20s and 30s who are turning up in the local area. Please do drop me an email if we can be involved in any way 🙂

  8. Dan Knowles says:

    Hi Krish,
    Sorry I’ve only just come across this video!
    I’m a graduate from Warwick as well, now teaching Maths in Birmingham but still living in Leamington (I’m the “Sorry Krish, you left your lights on” guy!).
    Let me know if there’s anything I can get involved with in the Midlands 🙂

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