Here’s a really brilliant and simple idea to help the church can help engage with child poverty in the UK. You can find more details here.

There are some pretty horrendous statistics about food poverty in the UK and increasingly this is affecting children. According to the Child Poverty Action Group the cuts being put into affect by the government will lead to a ” total of a million children that the coalition’s policies are expected to push into relative income poverty by 2020.” There are reports of many school teachers taking food into school to help feed children. (49 % of teachers in a recent poll said that they had brought food into school for children who had not had breakfast.)

Love to hear from those of you who are involved in this kind of ministry to children:





2 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Ricky Rew says:

    This is a fantastic project. We’re just about to start one in our community. There is massive need (the stats are really scary), and we know we can’t meet *all* the need, but we’re going to do what we can – starting small and growing steadily.

    We’ve been blown away by the way the project has captured the hearts of church members and other organisations alike.

  2. Robin Peake says:

    Not doing a lunch club but involved with a team living on an estate just down the road from you Krish helping lots of kids in poverty, including through an allotment project where they grow their own food and end up hosting a gala dinner to serve it at!

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