Here’s a really brilliant and simple idea to help the church can help engage with child poverty in the UK. You can find more details here. There are some pretty horrendous statistics about food poverty in the UK and increasingly this is affecting children. According to the Child Poverty Action Group the cuts being put […]

Deal with the Devil

With the Super Bowl looming there is almost as much interest in the advertisements that will be shown as there is in the game taking place on the pitch. Because of the huge audiences; the 2011 superbowl was officially the most watched television programme in history with 111 million views , the advertisers pull out […]


This was a jaw dropping video. It made me reflect on the absolute fragility of life. I listened to a radio interview this morning from a Holocaust survivor who wrestled with that concept. She wasn’t sure if it was a miracle or a lucky break that had enabled her to survive Auschwitz – but nevertheless […]

Raising Girls

I love being a dad, both to my birth children, adopted child and foster children. I am very keen to learn how to be a better parent and so was intrigued by a really interesting piece in the Guardian this week on the specific challenges of parenting girls. I’m no expert so here are my […]