Christmas Videos

Christmas Videos


Love the way this video very artfully demonstrates that the whole of the OT story culminates in Jesus. I am thinking of using this in a service all age slot and asking the church to see how many Bible stories were alluded to. You may not want to use this in one of your main outreach Christmas services though as sadly lots of people won’t know many of them. The lyrics of the song provide a beautiful link between the stories of the Old Testament and what Jesus has come to do. Well done Skit Guys!


Milton Jones the comedian has filmed a short film for 4Thoughts and he has done a great job of poking fun at the contradictions of Christmas. Will use this with our youthgroup to help them raise questions about what we do know for sure about the Christmas story.

Sometimes showing the way that Christmas is portrayed in the media is a useful foil to compare and contrast with the Christian view of Christ’s birth. This year’s John Lewis add is a good way of doing that. You may want to use this Dr Who remixed version…


No Pressure

this video from 4 six 3 a Christian production company – just won ITV Nativity Factor. It does a good job packing an emotional punch at the end – enjoy.


O Little Town of Bethlehem

A brilliantly provocative video shot in Bethlehem that retells the Christmas story beautifully. (thanks to Sally Hitchener for the link for this one)


The Christmas Cord

Fantastic Welsh retelling of the Christmas story – you’ll love it. High paced, spoken poem. Good job Dai Woolridge. Slightly dodgy rhyme at the end – see if you can spot it.


An Unexpected Christmas

Here’s possibly the cutest Christmas video of them all. Great job from a New Zealand based church in presenting an emotionally engaging yet informative take on the Christmas story.


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    1. krishkandiah says:

      sorry martin – embedding wasn’t quite right – have made a click through instead now- enjoy

      1. Wow – so glad I got to see this. Thanks.

  2. Carl Franzon says:

    G Sus – love it. Thanks for sharing these.

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