Sky Flaw

Sky Flaw

Things to love

[Becareful there are a few mild spoilers in this post] .
There was lots to enjoy in this year’s Bond offering, Sky Fall…

1. Cinematography

This is the best looking Bond film bar none

– I loved the lighting of the scene as Bond visited Macau looked amazing in the 4K cinema that I saw it in.

– Similarly the Scottish countryside (lit by fire) was pretty impressive too

2. Daniel Craig

I liked a bit more of the emotional engagement from Daniel Craig, I still think he is a bit wooden. A few tears at the end and a bit of angry pouting at the beginning. And of course Craig had impeccable timing for cufflink checking in the opening sequence.

3. Resurrection

Silva – What is your Hobby?
Bond – Resurrection

Bond has been reinvented over the years a little like his compatriot Dr Who – who has to been regenerated on a regular basis.

4. Orphans

– as someone who believes Orphans need to be given every opportunity in life (see this amazing video) loved to see Bond’s backstory highlighted here.

Sky Flaw

1. Trafficking

James Bond gets all Sherlock Holmes (his other resurrected / reinvented compatriot) when he enters the casino bar in Macau. He explains to Sévérine that he knows all about the fact that she was trafficked into the sex industry as a young girl. Bond promises to rescue her. But at his first opportunity he sneaks up on her in a shower and seduces her. This eventually leads to her death. So not a great angle on the Trafficking question. The horrors of the Sex Trafficking are too awful for Bond to promise to be a saviour, then use the woman in the film and show virtually no remorse when she dies. It seems to encourage rather than challenge the way that trafficked women are used as objects rather than respected as persons.

[ My friend Mark Meynell just pointed me to another reviewer who raises similar questions about the role of women in the film]

I am ashamed that women are still compelled to watch movies in which the three female outcomes are: 1) xxx dies, and is replaced by a man; 2) The young abuse victim is shagged by Bond and then killed for a joke; and 3) The pretty girl who manages to remain chaste despite Bond’s ‘charms’ is rewarded at the end with a job as his secretary. It is a sick, reactionary, depressing film.” Giles Coren


Am I being too picky – expecting too much? I didn’t mention the niggles I had with the “ejector seat” gag, the bull dog or making the Aston Martin part of the final showdown. Overall I did enjoy the movie – not sure it was my best Bond ever. I still rate Sean Bean as the best Bond Baddie ever – who is yours?


6 thoughts on “Sky Flaw

  1. Graham says:

    Great blog. A very different Bond to usual I thought. Great to have the depth of characters. Loved it that M was such a central part. Krish, I might be being a bit over the top but for those of us who struggle with sexualised images of women, I wonder if the picture at the end of your Blog is a bit much?

  2. I watched it last night and thought it one of the best bonds ever. Totally agree with the cinematography. The silhouetted fight in Shanghai was fantastic along with the Macau scene. Great locations, Istanbul, London, Shanghai, Macau, Scotland.

    Action scenes were low on CGI, high on muscular action, so that’s good. I thought Javier Bardem was an excellent baddie, slippery, menacing, tortured. So Craig can be a bit wooden when Bardem is lighting up the screen and with Fiennes, Dench and Finney raises the standard of acting up a few notched from most Bonds.

    Bond has often been bad news to at least one Bond girl, ie Goldfinger, Quantum of Solace etc..

    I thought the introduction of a new Moneypenny, Q and M was all set up quite well and keeps Bond evolving without changing, which is quite a trick.

    Overall, I was very impressed. I’ll put most of that credit at the directors door. Good choice having Sam Mendes.

  3. Mark Meynell says:

    you’ve clearly read Giles Coren’s powerful critique then…

  4. Hilary says:

    Krish, feminists don’t go to Bond movies because they are politically correct-we would never expect Bond to be anything other than a chauvinist who uses women for his own pleasure and discards them without a second thought. Daniel Craig shows a little more emotional vulnerability than most- I enjoyed Casino Royale, and thought that in Skyfall we had glimpses of a genuine feeling for M.

  5. Emma says:

    I completely agree. Although I enjoyed the film immensely, I was extremely annoyed and frustrated with the way Bond handled the traffiking issue. It was completely unnecessary.

  6. Alison says:

    Great blog Krish, thank you. I loved Skyfall as a movie and I am challenged by your observations as To my discredit I didn’t make the link between his attitude as a ‘saviour’ to the trafficked women who he then approached in shower without her consent; thank you for helping me see that.
    However, I was moved by the lack of emotion when she was murdered, that was part of the brilliant horror of the story. I never thought Bond was going to treat women as equals and his, and other men’s attitudes to women in the film were powerful in their disdain. also I think Bond needed to be dismissive of women to show how how he was similar to the baddie.
    this was a great movie and one to be watched, and also a great conversation piece about women’s equality ( or not!)

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